WolveReaders in Action

Wolvereaders is a student-run organization created in MCSP, with the mission to help elementary school students with reading and writing. The group travels to different elementary schools across the Ann Arbor area to engage young children with literacy skills, and to excite them about higher education through a mentorship/pen pal program. Wolvereaders are go to Estabrook Elementary School in Ypsilanti bi-weekly to help the two second grade classrooms they work with to read and write their pen pal letters. At their last event, they even had a special guest: Paws, the Detroit Tigers mascot. From performing little skits to reading stories to the children, Wolvereaders engage with their local community to work towards higher literacy and college graduation rates. The Wolvereaders represent MCSP values and serve as ambassadors of the University of Michigan when interacting with local communities, being champions for social justice and equality.

The Michigan Daily wrote an article about WolveReaders last year. Click here to check it out! Keep up the great work, WolveReaders! 

Engineering Commencement Speaker

Chloe Henderson, a resident advisor in MCSP, will deliver the Student Commencement Address at the College of Engineering's graduation ceremony on April 28. Having been in MCSP since her freshmen year and serving on the Intergroup Relations Council, Chloe has revolved her college career around community service and diversity initiatives. She has served in mentorship roles in various organizations, and has been recognized with awards, scholarships and fellowships. Chloe strives to incorporate her technical background with her passion for social justice to better her community. Earning her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Community Action & Social Change, Chloe will be moving to Boston this summer to work as a Product Supply Engineer for Gillette at Procter & Gamble.

Click here for the College of Engineering's press release on Chloe. MCSP will miss her - congratulations and best wishes, Chloe!