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Getting Involved

There are many ways for students to get involved within MCSP. These student-run groups provide MCSP students opportunities to pursue something they are interested in, to learn more about social justice and global issues, to work in local communities through community service, and to connect with other MCSPers throughout the year. 

Community Service Action & Reflection Teams

Action & Reflection Teams allows you to get involved in an issue that interests you! The Action & Reflection Teams have regular meetings where students work together to educate themselves and the community, participate in direct service activities, and engage in critical reflection.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Action Team
    • The Environmental Action Team is designed for students interested in gaining leadership experience, exposure to environmental issues and furthering their knowledge in sustainability. The Environmental Action Team partners with a non-profit focused on improving communities through gardening and access to healthy foods.
  • Rural and Urban Poverty / Youth and Education Action Team
    • Inspired by the urge to learn about urban and environmental issues simultaneously, MCSP students established a partnership with the Brightmoor Alliance in Detroit. Since 2010, MCSP students have helped recruit local youth to build gardens, plant seeds and learn about organic farming. In the process, they have modeled leadership skills for Brightmoor's young men and women and increased access to local produce. Students also do various projects in the Brightmoor neighborhood as need by the community. 
  • Borders and Immigration Action Team
    • In order to better understand global issues while operating locally, MCSP students have engaged with residents of the refugee assistance organization Freedom House Detroit. Through language and cultural exchanges, refugees from all over the world gain valuable knowledge and experience about getting by in America while students learn about different cultures and perspectives. Since 2011, students have done everything from discussing current events to cooking with residents of Freedom House. 
  • Alternative Weekend Action Team
    • Students participate on a regular basis at various sites such as Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Walk for Hunger, Support for the Homeless, etc. 
  • Create a New MCSP Action Team
    • Your input and leadership is welcome!


Students Helping Others Choose Knowledgeably, or S.H.O.C.K., uses original skits focusing on substance abuse to educate elementary school students and encourage them to remain drug free. S.H.O.C.K. visits fifth grade classrooms throughout Ann Arbor to perform original skits. The skits feature Spongebob, Batman, Shrek, and many more fun an exciting characters! S.H.O.C.K. needs energetic students to act, direct, create new skits, and handle behind-the-scenes tasks. No acting experience is required to join. 

S.H.O.C.K. has been a fixture to MCSP since 1999 and is in great need of first-year students this year! 

Intergroup Relations Council (IRC)

The Intergroup Relations Council coordinates cultural events, both in West Quad, on-campus, and in the community. The IRC also plans and leads dialogue-style conversations on a range of social identity and social justice issues, along with addressing climate-focused initiatives. The IRC would be happy to have you at an event, dialogue, or at weekly planning meetings!

Programming Board (PB&U)

Programming Board and You is a student-run board that plans events within the MCSP Community, including social, educational, cultural and art programs. PB&U collaborates with Hall Councils, Multicultural Councils, RAs, and other student groups to put on larger events. Previous events include study parties, movie nights, trips to Detroit for the annual Auto Show, Detroit Pistons and Tigers games, authentic cultural dinners, plus many more! Have an idea that you would like to pitch? Come to a meeting to talk about it! 

Smile Bringer Singers

The Smile Bringer Singers is a group designed to bring happiness and inspiration. Students perform at retirement homes and children's hospitals to provide students an opportunity to mix the passion of performing and community service. Through upbeat songs and smiles, this club is a unique blend of passion, fun, and giving back to the community. 

Student Committees

  • Social Justice Film Series
    • MCSP partners with the Ann Arbor District Library to show films on a monthly basis at the public library highlighting social issues. Film directors, faculty, students, and community leaders lead discussions following the films. Past films have included, "Bilal's Stand", "Asparagus", "Fremont, USA", "The Waterfront", "Of Civil Rights and Wrongs", "Prom Night in Mississippi", "Grown in Detroit", "Philosopher Kings", and "An Untold Triumph". 
  • MCSP's MLK Day Circle of Unity Event
    • MCSP's MLK Day Circle of Unity is an event where students, staff, and faculty of MCSP and the wider university community gather on the Diag on MLK Day and participate in performances, speakers, and other activities to remind us of Dr. King's dream, where society has come since the Civil Rights Movement, and what still needs to be done in terms of equality and social justice.
  • MCSP's Winter Retreat
    • Every year MCSP puts on a fun-filled, educational, overnight retreat for students to reflect on the past year, do some fun community building activities, look forward to the following semester and next year, and spend some quality time with fellow MCSPers. This retreat takes place at the Holley Family Village, a wonderful off campus location that provides lots of room for activities.