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MCDB Molecular Bioscience Facility

Shared Equipment for Your Needs

Note: This equipment is for MCDB and collaborators. It is not a university-wide resource. See the Biomedical Core Facilities page for links to University core resources.

The shared molecular equipment rooms are accessed through the 3C LER (large equipment hallway on the north side of the building).

Room 3215

StepOne™ Plus qPCR (Applied Biosystems)

This system uses a blue LED for excitation, filter wheel, and photodiode for detection. If connection with computer is lost, device functions independently. An error message will occur, but your data will be fine after saving. Software is designed to lead you through the entire PCR process.

7500 Fast RT™ qPCR (Applied Biosystems)

7500 Fast RT system uses a halogen light for excitation, a filter wheel, and a CCD for detection. The software offers more detail than previous versions, and is designed to lead you through the entire PCR process.

QuBit 2.0 Fluorometer

Will quantify DNA, RNA, and protein if using the correct kits. Qubit® Fluorometric Quantitation only measures the molecule of interest, so the number is almost always lower than the A260 reading. Requires only a few minutes. Use thin wall PCR tubes only, and 1-20uL of DNA sample. Double strand high sensitivity, double strand low sensitivity, and single strand DNA. Screen leads you through protocol. 

Nanodrop Lite spectrophotometer

Uses UV absorbance, which means it cannot distinguish between DNA, RNA, free nucleotides, and other contaminants. Uses 1-2uL of sample.

Covaris M220 Focused Ultrasonicator

Designed for next generation sequencing applications that require high quality DNA fragmentation. Focuses the minimum amount of energy directly into sample, enabling precise control of the hydrodynamic shearing forces that fragment nucleic acids to the selected size. The process is isothermal, so fragmentation is unbiased, the sample undamaged, and yields are high. Quiet and fast (80 second) operation. Requires custom tubes.

GE Phosphorimager Storm 865

Detects radioactivity from radiochemicals, x-rays, and UV using a phosphor screen. (Not for chemilluminescence or tritium, which emit their own light.) Use on wet gels, TLC plates (Keep it clean!), and membranes. Erase phosphor screens using light box.

Pipet Puller

Sutter Instruments device for flaming/brown pipet pulling.

Cryostat Leica CM3050 S

For your frozen sectioning needs.

Room 3235

Tecan Microplate Reader Infinite M200 (Fluorometer)

Uses an advanced, quad-4 monochromators™ system to provide two excitation and two emission ranges. Plate formats 6-384, PCR plates, or cuvettes. PMT/UV silicon photodiode / Photon counting system with low dark current PMT.

VerTis Lyophilizer

4L capacity, -105C Chiller, low maintenance, dry, scroll pump.

Glomax Luminometer

Images luminous assays, such as Luciferase assays.

LiCor Odyssey CLx infrared imager (Room 3040)

700 & 800nm channel detection (685 & 785nm lasers). Detects fluorescent protein markers at quantifiable sensitivity for western blot analysis, EMSA, protein assays, In-Cell western™ assays, On-Cell westerns, in vivo imaging, Coomassie gel documentation, DNA gel documentation, and tissue section analysis.