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Dual Degree

Students enrolled in a Ph.D. or Master's program outside of the Mathematics Department who have completed at least one term of coursework and are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for a dual degree with the Mathematics Master's (if you are interested in doing a dual degree with the Quantitative Finance & Risk Management Master's, visit the Quant Admissions FAQs page).

Applying to pursue a dual degree is a different application process than the online admissions system used for external applicants. Any current University of Michigan graduate student interested in doing a dual degree with the Mathematics Master's should contact for more information, and to obtain the application materials. Students who have just graduated from a graduate program are not eligible to apply for a dual degree program.

The Dual Degree program has the following expectations:

  1. The Mathematics Department expects you to complete the Mathematics Master’s Degree either before or at the same time as the degree in your home department.
  2. The Dual Degree program should not take more than two academic years to complete.
  3. Usually only a grade of “B” or higher in a course is allowed to be counted towards the Mathematics Master’s degree. You are expected to achieve an average of “B+” or higher for the overall GPA of the courses counted towards your Math Master’s dual degree.
  4. Students must have any changes to their course plan approved by an advisor prior to taking any course(s) that are not on the original course plan.

If you are in the dual degree program, and you anticipate not being able to meet any of these expectations, you must contact the department via email ( Students who fail to meet the above expectations may be discontinued from the Mathematics Master’s program.