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Workshop Talks

Submitted Abstracts

Pavel Bleher      Exact solution of the dimer model on the triangular lattice    **Slides
Robert Buckingham     Asymptotic analysis of a deformed Tracy-Widom distribution       
Rodica Costin     Tronquees solutions of Painlevé equations    **Slides
Alfredo Deano     Special function solutions of Painlevé equations    **Slides   
Percy Deift          On a conjecture of Alphonse Magnus regarding the asymptotics of the recurrence coefficients for polynomials orthogonal with respect to a log weight   **Slides
Anton Dzhamay     Geometry of discrete Painlevé equations and applications   **Slides
Marco Fasondini     Computational methods for the multivalued Painlevé transcendents and their application to the exploration of families of tronquée solutions to the third Painlevé equation   **Slides
Manuela Girotti      Integrable gap probabilities for the generalized Bessel process   **Slides 
Davide Guzzetti     Isomonodromy deformations at an irregular singularity with coalescing eigenvalues   **Slides  
Alexander Its       Memorial Presentation Slides 
On the Tracy-Widom beta - distribution for beta=6   **Slides

Kenji Kajiwara     Geometric description of discrete power function associated with the sixth Painlevé equation   **Slides
Alisa Knizel     Gap probabilities in tiling models and Painlevé equations  **Slides
Christian Klein     Numerical approaches for Painlevé equations      **Slides 
Arno Kuijlaars    Tiling problems and matrix valued orthogonal polynomials    
Karl Liechty     Nonintersecting Brownian motions on the unit circle     **Slides 
Oleg Lisovyi     Painlevé functions, Fredholm determinants and combinatorics     
Craig Tracy          Blocks in the asymmetric simple exclusion process    **Slides   
Walter Van Assche     Painlevé equations and orthogonal polynomials     **Slides
Dong Wang     One dimensional free fermions at finite temperature and the MNS matrix model  **Slides
Nicholas Witte     The density matrix for the ground state of 1-d impenetrable bosons in a harmonic trap    **Slides
Lun Zhang       Location of poles for the Hastings-McLeod solution to the second Painlevé equation   **Slides