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IBL Training at Michigan - Summer 2017

The University of Michigan Math Department will be running a local Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) teaching workshop for the third time this summer. You are invited to attend! (Find more information about our IBL center at

IBL is a form of mathematics teaching in which, instead of listening to a traditional lecture, students learn concepts through mathematical exploration and collaboration, all under the guidance of a knowledgeable and flexible instructor. 

The workshop will be appropriate for all levels of experience and interest in IBL teaching---whether you’ve taught IBL for years, or are curious about starting to incorporate IBL modules for the first time. During the workshop participants will (in no particular order):

  • Watch and reflect upon on selected video clips of IBL teaching

  • Discuss key facets of IBL teaching

  • Observe 2 hours of a live IBL course happening next door to the workshop

  • Discuss challenges of IBL teaching and strategies for doing it successfully.

  • Make concrete plans for creating a classroom climate that will lay the groundwork for a successful IBL classroom.

  • Discuss what a “successful IBL classroom” might mean.

  • And, if time allows, take part in an IBL lesson!


Where?  USB 1230

When?   August 29-31, 2017   1-5 pm

Sign up:


Other notes:

  • If you’ve attended in the past, there is still lots to learn and your perspective will be very valuable!

  • If you can only make it to part of the workshop, it is still worth attending.

  • Snacks and coffee will be provided.

Note: Like last year, we will also be running an intro to proofs course simultaneously, mostly aimed at incoming MAC students. Unlike the last two years, this will be running in a different room and will only be observed live on one of the four days by the IBL workshop. This will be taught by post-doc Diana Hubbard and run August 28 - 31, 2-4pm.