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The application below is for filling vacant voting representative seats in LSA Student Government and the Central Student Government. Besides filling out the application you will also need to schedule an interview with our appointments committee. This application is due September 22nd by 5pm.

Below is the application to become a member of the LSA SG Budget Allocations Committee. To find out more about the Budget Allocations Committee you can click here or here

This application is due on September 24th at 5pm.

The application below is for filling 3 of the 7 student seats on the LSA Academic Judiciary. The LSA Academic Judiciary is the body that oversees any cases of alleged student academic misconduct in the College of LSA, and is made up of 7 faculty and 7 student members - of which LSA Student Government appoints 3. The Judiciary determines appropriate penalties, within those defined as applicable by the College, for each case. 

Per the LSA Faculty Code, "Penalties may be in the form of probation, expulsion, suspension, loss of credit, or such other action that may be deemed proper". These decisions are eligible for appeal. 

If you are selected to serve on the LSA Academic Judiciary as a student member, you will be responsible for attending all meetings of the Judiciary. This amounts to two regularly scheduled Judiciary meetings a semester, with an additional one in the case of an appeal. 

The appointment is for one academic year.

This application is due Friday September 15th at 5pm.