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Student Life Committee


The goal of the Student Life Committee is to enhance the non-academic experience of students within the College of LSA. SLC engages student concern primarily through their student complaint forum,, as well as through campaigns and events to build a relationship with the student body. As well, they draft resolutions to advocate for the betterment of student life; including issues like housing accessibility, campus safety, and inclusivity.

Current Projects

This semester, SLC is working on many useful projects to improve the quality of campus life for students:

  • This Sucks: The This Sucks Campaign aims to discover a wide array of student concerns on campus ranging from wireless shortages, facilities, campus safety, etc. If you have a concern that you would like addressed, please send it to
  • North Campus Lighting
  • Housing Accessibility for Second Year and Transfer Students

Meeting Time: Wednesday at 7:00pm, G325 Mason Hall

Chair: Patrick Miller
Vice Chair: Brian Wang