These updates cover news from LSA IT, as well as the broader Michigan IT community that’s here to serve your IT needs. Feel free to forward to others who may be interested. Feedback and questions are always welcome. In this issue:

LSA IT Knowledge Base - LSA IT is developing a public facing Knowledge Base in an effort to document frequently asked questions, solutions to known problems, and basic How To documents. This is an additional resource for those looking to find quick answers to common issues or information about specific department resources.  The Knowledge Base is being built through a collaborative effort by all LSA IT staff, and will keep growing over time. Please let us know if you have information that should be included in this repository. (Contact: Eric Pinaud)
New Adobe License Agreement - LSA has signed a new licensing agreement with Adobe which offers significant savings over current offerings at ITS or Showcase. Current installations of Adobe Acrobat Pro and CS6 still work but the new versions will be available soon.  For more information on the default Adobe alternatives or to request an Adobe Creative Cloud license please click here  (Contact: Matt Bidlingmeyer)

LSA IT Service Desk Summer Hours -  Beginning Tuesday May 2nd the Service Desk will be open on Tuesdays from 8am - 4pm and closed in the afternoon from 4pm - 5pm for staff meetings.  A desktop support specialist from the Customer Experience Team will respond to all requests received during this hour the next business day.  Information regarding our available help options is listed here.  (Contact: Lisa Callihan)

CTools Project Sites Update - We’ve made some changes to our CTools project site migration timeline based on ITS’ pilot in the School of Public Health (SPH). Based on the pilot feedback, we will not be automatically migrating sites, but will instead assist users in using a tool for downloading data from CTools. LSA is coordinating with ITS on user communications, training and assistance opportunities to help ease the transition. Look for more information in the upcoming summer months.   Although CTools will be available until mid-2019, we plan to start communications to staff site owners this summer. If you are interested in starting this migration process early, please contact your IT Advocate. Lastly, if you have sites no longer used/needed, please coordinate with other site owners before deleting your site following these directions.  For additional support with deletions, contact ITS.  (Contact: Mark Bacon, Patrick Belden, Monika Dressler, and Marissa Green)

Annual Hard Drive Secure Shredding Reminder - All drives are due by Thursday, May 18th, and the vendor pickup will occur at 10:00am Friday, May 19th. Please deliver them to any LSA IT Service Desk walk-in location in sealed boxes (weighing no more than 40 lbs. each), clearly labeled with the number of drives and your contact information. The vendor will provide a certificate of destruction upon completion. This program is being paid for by LSA and should be used to dispose of LSA property only. (Contact: Erich Suddendorf)

LSA IT Service Desk Scorecard - Monthly support ticket statistics are included below.  Help and support information.  (Contact: Lisa Callihan)

LSA IT Support Requests February 2017 March 2017 April 2017
Total Ticket Volume 1,679 1,808 1,532
Total Tickets Resolved 1,576 1,601 1,280
Tier 1 Resolution Rate 52% 45% 50%
Key Performance Indicators
Average Ticket Resolution Time 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours
Tickets Responed to Within 4 Hours 90% 90% 91%
Calls Answered Within 30 Seconds 99% 99% 98%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 99% 99% 100%