These updates cover news from LSA IT, as well as the broader Michigan IT community that’s here to serve your IT needs. Feel free to forward to others who may be interested. Feedback and questions are always welcome.In this issue:

Annual Hard Drive Secure Shredding Program - Since 2012, LSA has provided secure shredding services for over 6,300 hard drives and other media. We will again be offering shredding services this year. All drives are due by Thursday, May 18th, and the vendor pickup will occur at 10:00am Friday, May 19th. Please deliver them to any LSA IT Service Desk walk-in location in sealed boxes (weighing no more than 40 lbs. each), clearly labeled with the number of drives and your contact information. The vendor will provide a certificate of destruction upon completion. This program is being paid for by LSA and should be used to dispose of LSA property only. (Contact: Erich Suddendorf)

Department Shared Drive Audits - The LSA IT Service Desk is offering permission audits for department shared drives. These audits allow insight into who has access to shared drive space and confirms the appropriate level of user access.  These reports are available for Chief Administrators, Department Managers, and Department Chairs. (Contact: LSA IT Service Desk)

LSA Employee Access Request Forms - To provide faster service for employee onboarding, offboarding, accounts and access, online forms are available on the LSA IT Help & Support Page.  Click  "Access" and these user-friendly forms will prompt for the necessary information for account and access needs.  Since the release of these forms, we have greatly reduced the turnaround time for access requests from an average of 5 days down to 1.5 days.  (Contact: LSA IT Service Desk)

LSA IT ARS Programming Assistance - Do you need help programming for an experiment, a scientific instrument, data analysis or automating your workflow?  The LSA IT ARS programming team can craft custom solutions for your lab or group using our extensive knowledge in a wide variety of programming languages and technologies including, but not limited to, MATLAB, R, Python, and embedded systems.  Our services have a $15/hour recharge rate (subsidized by LSA from $56/hour), but consultation and general advice are free of charge.  Contact us at to discuss a project or to schedule a meeting to go over our services and portfolio of prior projects to get a better of idea of what we can provide. (Contact: LSA IT Service Desk)

LSA IT Service Desk Scorecard - Monthly support ticket statistics are included below.  Help and support information.  (Contact: Lisa Callihan)

LSA IT Support Requests January 2017 February 2017 March 2017
Total Ticket Volume 1,686 1,679 1,808
Total Tickets Resolved 1,593 1,576 1,601
Tier 1 Resolution Rate 47% 52% 45%
Key Performance Indicators
Average Ticket Resolution Time 17 hours 18 hours 18 hours
Tickets Responed to Within 4 Hours 88% 90% 90%
Calls Answered Within 30 Seconds 99% 99% 99%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 99% 99% 99%