LSA IT’s Computer Support Group (CSG) is a close-knit team of IT professionals from many different backgrounds with over 200 years of support experience in the College of LSA. CSG recognizes the importance of the University’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative and appreciates that Dean Andrew Martin is a champion of creating a culture of acceptance for people from diverse backgrounds here in our LSA community. CSG is honored to have Dean Martin included in our staff photo this year (below). View Dean Martin’s Tweet about the photo.

Back: Everritt Phillips, Brian Grossman, Phil Bonam, Patrick Peña, Timothy McKay, Keon Ray, Brandon Pope; Middle: Sheri Thornton, Kim Chinchak, Dennis Blay, Gloria Love, Seantel Longs, Michelle Jacques; Front: Tully Svekric, LSA Dean Andrew Martin, Karen Wilson, Brad Sharp; Not pictured: Charles Bennet, Christian Garrido, Mary-Kate Theisen.