"In October 2016, I received fabulous help from LSA IT. I am the Chair of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee, which advises the Census Bureau on all scientific matters. In early October, the Census Bureau needed to livestream a report to the public about a study they had done. The other members of my committee and I would be participating remotely from our respective workplaces. At various points, I needed to take control of the meeting and summarize recommendations made by the committee on a Word document. The Word document also needed to be visible to everyone on the webcast. Controlling what was on the screen, while also giving control back and forth between me and the Census Bureau appeared fairly complicated.

I scheduled a dry run for the day before the video meeting. I went to an LSA IT Service Desk the day before to see if someone could assist me during the dry run, so that I would understand what needed to be done to successfully run the meeting. They agreed, and an IT staff person, Dennis Blay, came to my office for the dry run. Dennis was extremely helpful, but because the whole thing was pretty complicated, Dennis asked if I would like him to be there for the actual Census video meeting. I said that would be great. Dennis came for the entire Census meeting and saved me several times from disaster. The whole Census video meeting went extremely well. I thought it was just great that Dennis was willing to help me and that LSA supported this level of service." - Barbara Anderson


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