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Reminder: Annual hard drive secure shredding — Since 2012 LSA has provided secure shredding services for over 3,200 hard drives and other media. We will again be offering shredding services this year. All drives are due by Thursday, June 18. Deliver them to any LSA IT Service Desk walk-in location in sealed boxes (weighing no more than 40 lbs. each), clearly labeled with the number of drives and your contact information. The vendor will provide a certificate of destruction upon completed. This program is being paid for by LSA and should be used to dispose of LSA property only. (Contact: Lisa Callihan)

Canvas migration funding for faculty — LSA ISS has funding for LSA faculty interested moving their course sites from CTools to Canvas. LSA ISS will provide funds for a graduate student or undergraduate student to work with a faculty member for up for 100 hours. Faculty should email LSA Instructional Support Services for more information. (Contact: Monika Dressler)

Hybrid Computing workshop June 16-19 — XSEDE, together with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois, will be presenting a Hybrid Computing workshop June 16-19. This four day event will conclude with a special contest for the Second Annual XSEDE Summer Boot Camp Championship Trophy. Due to demand, this workshop will be telecast to several satellite sites, including U-M (2255 North Quad). This workshop is NOT available via a webcast. Registration is required and space is limited. To register and to see a detailed agenda, visit the XSEDE registration site. (Contact: Erin Dietrich)

Campus WiFi upgrade — U-M executives have formally approved a $24.4 million project to upgrade the WiFi environment across the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. This investment will establish a consistent standard of coverage, capacity, and capability in 275 university academic, administrative, and residence hall buildings over the next three years. This upgrade will provide wall-to-wall, basement-to-penthouse WiFi coverage. For a complete list of the buildings included in these projects visit the WiFi Upgrade project website. (Contact: Marissa Green)

Faculty Advisory IT Satisfaction Survey results — We continue to use the results of the recent IT satisfaction survey to understand what is going well, and opportunities for change, in the delivery of IT services in LSA. As one timely example of how this data has been used:, planning for the WiFi upgrade mentioned above was informed by the data collected and mapped to buildings to further identify areas of especially strong or not-so-strong existing WiFi coverage. (Contact: David Sweetman)

New and updated software available — Since the previous update, UmichITAM has released the following upgrades to the software catalog: DiskWarrior 5, Deep Freeze 8.22 (Win) / 5.92 (Mac), and details were posted to SharePoint for the new Autodesk Free Education License (AutoCAD 2016+). The following were renewed: NVivo Annual License, LabVIEW Maintenance, Adobe Connect Subscription, Deep Freeze Maintenance, and STELLA Maintenance. Additional entitlements were purchased for the license pool of Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, & Compressor. Complete list of all titles. (Contact: Crystal Borgman)

New Google Drive default experience — The New Google Drive will soon become the default experience for all users and the prior version of Google Drive will be retired. Please note: the new Drive UI does not work with older, unsupported browsers. Please see Supported Browsers for more information. To avoid any issues, users should upgrade their browsers by June 23, 2015. For more information, see An Update on the new Google Drive UI. (Contact:

M+Google login page update — Google has recently updated the Google login page. This update means that the "username" and "password" fields will now be on two separate pages. This change is a part of working towards introducing new authentication solutions that complement traditional passwords and is slowly being rolled out over the coming weeks. Users will enter only their email address on the first screen and click "Next" to be taken to another screen to enter their password. Users in the UMICH domain who log in through the Google page will continue to be redirected to U-M's Weblogin page. Keep in mind that logging in through,, and will take you directly to U-M's Weblogin page. (Contact:

M+Box — Please check out the latest M+Box Updates. (Contact:

LSA IT Service Desk Scorecard — Last month's Overall Customer Satisfaction data was incorrectly reported due to missing data. The true LSA IT Satisfaction score for April was 99% and for this month a perfect 100%. We received positive comments including, "This unit and the people in it are fantastic. They give IT folks a good name." (Contact: Lisa Callihan)

LSA IT Support Requests March 2015 April 2015 May 2015
Total Ticket Volume 1,771 1,933 1,904
Total Tickets Resolved 1,824 1,885 1,675
Tier 1 Resolution Rate 34% 41% 48%
Average Time to Resolution by Priority
Moderate 18 hours 16 hours 16 hours
Low 24 hours 25 hours 24 hours
Key Performance Indicators
Tickets responded to within 4 hours 86% 90% 92%
Calls answered within 30 seconds 95% 98% 97%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 92% 99% 100%