Are you interested in making your U-M service available to customers who don’t have a U-M uniqname, but want something simpler for people to use than Friend accounts? Soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of a new social login service offered by the ITS Identity and Access Management (IAM) team. The IAM team is reviewing vendor proposals for a planned social login service this fiscal year.

Social login allows a person to log in using an existing social media account, such as a Facebook or Twitter account. This means that the person doesn’t have to create a new account, like a Friend account, to log in to a service. Friend accounts will remain available after the social login service is introduced.

The social login service will be implemented as part of the IAM Shibboleth service, and will expand the authentication and authorization offerings available to U-M service providers. We are currently working with units on campus to identify use cases and interested users of this service.

If you have a use case for social login, or for more information, please contact the IAM Shibboleth team at