Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSA IT is leading, as well as broader Michigan IT initiatives that may be of interest to you. Feel free to forward to others who may be interested. Feedback and questions are always welcome. training resources now available — Looking for in-depth training on hundreds of IT and non-IT topics? From the basics of Excel, to complicated image processing in Adobe, to building high performance teams, to understanding Facebook messenger privacy settings, and much more, Lynda has something for everyone. U-M recently signed a license agreement making online training resources available to all faculty and non-temp staff across Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint — excluding the Health System. To access, go to, click Log in, then select "through your organization or school", enter, and follow the on screen instructions. (Contact:

LSA Information Technology 2014-2015 Faculty Advisory Committee — Just beginning its second year, the LSA Information Technology Faculty Advisory Committee provides a great mechanism for faculty conversation and feedback to shape the present and future IT landscape within LSA. Membership represents a broad range of ways in which IT is leveraged. Thanks to this years members: Aaron King, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics; Barbara Anderson, Sociology and Population Studies Center, ISR; Dominika Zgid, Chemistry; Jeremy Fox, Economics; John Monnier, Astronomy; Miranda Brown, Asian Languages and Cultures; Raymond Silverman, History of Art and Afroamerican and African Studies; Sara Aton, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; and Stilian Stoev, Statistics. (Contact: David Sweetman)

LSA IT extended hours during fall rush — We are in the final week of piloting extended hours of support. In order to provide more timely support during the busyness of fall rush, hours of support provided by the LSA IT Helpdesk were extended. Phone (734.936.3279) and email ( support is available 8am–9pm Monday–Thursday, 8am–5pm on Fridays. The pilot ends this Friday, September 26. Based on level of usage during this pilot, on-going hours of operation of the Helpdesk may be adjusted. Look for more details in next month's update. While the Helpdesk can assist with many different types of computing issues, some may need to wait until the next business day depending on the nature of expertise required to resolve. (Contact: David Sweetman)

New Managed Software Center tool for Mac Izzy users — Managed Software Update on Izzy supported Mac computers has itself been updated. Managed Software Center, as it is now known, contains all the functionality previously provided by Managed Software Update, but mimics the look and feel of the Apple App Store in order to provide a familiar and improved user experience. Click here for more information. (Contact:

U-M piloting Canvas learning management system this fall — More than 15 U-M instructors are piloting a new learning management system (LMS) in their courses this fall. Access to Canvas by Instructure became available when U-M co-founded Unizin in June 2014. Canvas is a cloud-based common learning management system designed to help universities and their faculty take greater control of how educational content is created, used, and shared. (Contact: Erin Dietrich)

LSA IT units return to the 1st floor of the LSA Building — Renovations are complete and LSA IT's ARS, Infrastructure, and Helpdesk groups are now officially back on the first floor of the LSA Building. The location is the same, but the suite number has changed to 1122. (Contact: — 734.936.3279)

IT Communities of Practice — The Michigan IT working group is piloting support for a few Communities of Practice (CoPs). These groups of like-minded professionals will share information, experiences, and ideas around a particular IT topic in support of the university's IT Strategic Plan. Interested? Follow the link above to learn more. (Contact: David Sweetman)

New and updated software available — Since last month's update, we've released the following upgrades to titles in the UmichITAM software catalog: Mathematica and Gaussian 09 (now also available for Windows). Maintenance contracts were renewed for Scientific Workplace, MATLAB, Maple, TecPlot, and PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit. Additionally, the Scrivener license pool has been increased and a Mathcad research license has been added for existing instructional license users needing to do research. Complete list of all titles. (Contact: Crystal Borgman)

Expanded GIS consulting services now available — Need help turning your data into a map, or using data to tell a story with visually compelling map-based assets? Want to use Geographic Information System (GIS) applications but don't know how to get started? In addition to general GIS consulting and ArcGIS Server services, LSA IT now hosts a pool of part-time staff with GIS expertise - ready and willing to assist you with small-scale work, particularly if you are new to GIS. Various options are also available for projects in need of more advanced or larger-scale GIS assistance. (Contact: Peter Knoop)

New from M+Google — Hangouts now has a new Contacts tab to make it easier to identify who is available. Faculty can now create and share real-time course calendars viewable in both CTools and Google Calendar with the new CTools GCal tool. A Google+ Partner Playbook offering an overview of the features and functions of Google+ is now available. Plus, Google Drive will soon have a simplified sharing experience, making it even easier and faster to share with others — see Easier Sharing in Drive for more details. (Contact:

M+Box — Check out the August M+Box Monthly Updates here. (Contact:

IT service request satisfaction ratings — Below is a summary of customer service interactions for LSA IT. Overall customer satisfaction is positive, even with a large increase in calls and slightly longer resulting wait times in August. We continue to emphasize timeliness of service and technician skill sets as areas of focus. (Contact: David Sweetman)

Measure May 14 Jun 14 Jul 14 Aug 14
Total support requests across all LSA IT 2,620 2,420 2,309 2,736
Satisfaction that the reported issue was resolved 100.0% 94.0% 100.0% 97.3%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 96.7% 94.0% 95.8% 98.9%
Calls to LSA Service Center 509 519 500 598
Calls answered within 30 seconds 89.0% 93.0% 97.8% 82.8%