There is often construction on the University of Michigan campus, especially in the summertime... and this summer will be no exception. As far as this summer's construction affects LSAIT, beginning on May 19th our office suite including the LSAIT Service Desk (1112 LSA) will be closed for renovations and we will all be temporarily relocated to several other spaces around campus. By mid to late August, the renovations of 1112 LSA should be complete and we'll move back in, into smaller cubicles so we can fit in about 60% of the space we used to. The remaining space in the 1112 LSA suite will be used by LSA Facilities.

What does this mean for you as our customers?

During the Renovations

The relocation should start in late May or early June and the renovations should run through late August.

  • For telephone service, the LSAIT Service Desk will continue to answer calls at 734.936.3279. However most individuals' telephones will not be available during the renovation. You can call (but we won't hear them ring) and leave a voicemail message (which we should get in our email), but call-backs may be delayed. Please consider using email or the ticketing system instead of the telephone to reach us during the renovations.
  • For walk-in service, the LSAIT Service Desk will move to 1100 LSA into the space normally occupied by the Office of New Student Programs (ONSP). ONSP moves out to a residence hall during summer orientation every year and we can use their space. Both the Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) and Infrastructure teams will move out to other spaces elsewhere in the LSA Building but generally don't provide walk-in services. All of our individual and group email addresses will remain the same, and we will continue to respond to requests and trouble tickets. Nothing should change in terms of email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

After the Renovations

In mid to late August the renovations should be complete and we'll be back in the 1112 LSA suite. All telephone and walk-in services will be back to pre-renovation levels of support. For walk-in service, the LSAIT Service Desk will once again be immediately inside the doors as you enter our suite.

We look forward to serving you from our renovated space!