Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSA IT is leading or broader Michigan IT initiatives that may be of interest to you. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

IT satisfaction survey update — Thank you to the over 525 LSA faculty, staff, and graduate students who recently completed the IT satisfaction survey from the IT faculty advisory committee within LSA. The overall response rate was greater than 1 in 5, with a handful of departments having 100% participation! This rich qualitative and quantitative data set will enable greater data-driven decision making in helping to shape the future of IT services provided to LSA. We are in the process of analyzing the data; expect further updates in the coming months. (Contact:

Significant campus Wi-Fi upgrade planned this summer — Over the past year, campus Wi-FI usage has tripled to 2.5 million wireless connections per day. To address this staggering growth, a large project is underway to strengthen campus Wi-Fi in time for the beginning of fall term. See a recent Record article for more details.

Field Equipment Program — The LSAIT Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) team can help you plan for your IT needs in the field, whether that is conducting door-to-door surveys or gathering scientific data atop a mountain. We can consult with you on your requirements, provide demonstrations and recommendations on viable options, and even loan out ruggedized IT equipment for evaluation purposes. Interested? Contact: Peter Knoop -

Google Glass — LSA researchers can borrow Glass for up to one week at a time to explore this exciting, new technology. Glass excels at hands-free, first person photography and videography for uses like field reference photos, creating instructional videos, documenting field experiences, and giving live, interactive tours via Google Hangout. It also provides personal digital assistant capabilities, and access to a limited, but evolving collection of apps. Give Glass a try and find your own inspiration to explore and develop new applications. For more information, to arrange to borrow our Glass, or for assistance demonstrating Glass, please contact LSAIT’s Glass Explorer, Peter Knoop, at

Updates to Google mail, calendar, and more — We have a few recent and upcoming updates to share regarding Google. GMail search functionality now includes the ability to search by size of email message; the integration of email groups and calendar invites has been improved; Google Talk has been retired and fully replacement by functionality in Google Hangout, and Google Drive add-ons will soon be available to support Avery label printing, EasyBib bibliography creation, and integration with Mailchimp (Contact: Jennifer Mruk).

ArcGIS for Server Service Pilot — LSA IT is now running an instance of ESRI’s ArcGIS for Server (Version 10.2.1). This service will provide LSA researchers with support for 1) enterprise geodatabases, which can handle larger data sets than standard geodatabases and offer collaboration enabling capabilities, such as versioning, replication, and distribution; 2) server-based geoprocessing for resource-intensive geoprocessing needs; and, 3) web services for GIS, such as Map Services, Feature Services, WCS, WMS, WFS, Mobile Data Access, KML, Schematics, Network Analysis, and REST and SOAP interfaces. This service can also be utilized as a backend for our organizational instance of ArcGIS Online. Participation in the ArcGIS for Server Service Pilot is limited. Interested? Contact Peter Knoop -

Faculty website pilot deemed a success and expanded — The pilot program, a partnership between LSA Web Services and LSAIT, came to a close February 21, and was deemed a success based upon both informal and survey feedback from participants. This new offering allows faculty to develop personal or lab websites at no cost. Click here for details. Interested? Contact:

Welcome new staff — This month we welcome Tully Svekric, Jon Klozik, Lynn Laskey, and Alok Vimawala to LSA IT. Tully has joined our Computer Support Group (CSG) as a full-time desktop support specialist, focusing largely on classroom support. Tully is a familiar face to CSG, having previously served for many years as a part-time student temp. Jon has joined our IT Asset Management (ITAM) team to provide support in the growing area of software and licensing support. Jon is familiar with ITAM, having been a client of these services for many years at the Ford School. Lynn and Alok are network infrastructure experts with ITS Communications who, while remaining central ITS employees, will each now have a larger portion of their time dedicated to direct support of LSA wired and wireless networking needs. Please join us in welcoming Tully, Jon, Lynn, and Alok.

New and Updated Software Available — Since last month's update, we’ve released the following upgrades to titles in the catalog: Papers 3, OriginPro 9.1.0, Inspiration 9.2, and PGI CDK R2014. Maintenance contracts for the following titles in the catalog were renewed: Bomgar, Canopy (formerly Enthought Python Distribution), Dragon NaturallySpeaking & Dictate, Intel Composer XE for Linux, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, PaperCut NG, Red Hat Satellite, and Tecplot. Click here for a complete list of all titles. (Contact: Crystal Borgman,

Large Scale Research Storage — We continue to offer each faculty member 2TB storage at no cost to the faculty member or requesting department. Additional storage, greater than 2TB, can be purchased at a cost of $30/year. Trade-in options are also available for larger storage amounts. To request your storage, please fill out the request form here. (Contact: Ryan Bankston)

What is spear phishing and how do I protect myself? Spear phishing refers to increasingly sophisticated techniques to try to trick you out of personal information, such as your password to sensitive U-M data. These attacks, often disguised as official-looking U-M messages or websites urge you to act quickly to verify your account, remedy a full e-mail box, keep your account from being deleted, etc. Use caution, be suspicious, and verify requests are legitimate below providing any information. Know that U-M IT providers will never ask you for personal information via email. Click here for more background and ways to ensure you are protected.

IT Service Request Satisfaction Ratings — Below is a summary of customer service interactions for LSA IT. January to February comparisons show a decrease in call volume as we move past the beginning of the semester, and an increase in both responsiveness and customer satisfaction. (Contact: Greg Beyer).

Measure Jan 14 Feb 14
Total support requests across all LSA IT 3,220 2,646
Satisfaction that the reported issue was resolved 96% 98%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 98% 99%
Calls to LSA Service Center 687 541
Calls answered within 30 seconds 83.7% 88.0%