Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSA IT is leading or broader Michigan IT initiatives that may be of interest to you. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

University-wide network upgrade this Saturday, February 15, 5am–5pm. A significant upgrade to the University-wide core network infrastructure will occur this weekend. This 100GB Innovation Network project will significantly upgrade the university's capability to provide cutting-edge speed and facilitate large scale data transmission. Given the level of redundancy in this infrastructure, there is likely to be little or no disruption to campus network services. However, in the event you experience network connectivity issues on Saturday, contact the ITS Service Center at 734.764.HELP (734.764.4357).

Upcoming IT satisfaction survey by IT faculty advisory committee. The IT faculty advisory committee within LSA is putting the finishing touches on a brief college-wide survey to help best understand and represent faculty and staff experiences with IT. More information coming soon. Thank you in advance for your participation once the survey is available. (Contact:>).

LSA IT infrastructure maintenance Saturday, March 1, 7am–3pm. LSA IT's standard spring infrastructure maintenance Saturday is only a few weeks away. During this time, most LSA-provided services will be intermittently unavailable in order to perform work necessary to keep our systems functioning well. This includes software updates, migrations, and other hardware maintenance. Specific services impacted are CMS/Vignette, SharePoint, file services (S and H drives, group and lab spaces), LSA Sites, LSA Web Apps, ITAM software licensing (KeyServer and other license servers), and infrastructure services related to Windows (WLMS) and Linux (Satellite Server). If you have questions about this upcoming maintenance, contact the LSA Service Center at 734.936.3279.

What is spear phishing and how do I protect myself? Spear phishing refers to increasingly sophisticated techniques to try to trick you into providing personal information, such as your password to sensitive UM data. These attacks, often disguised as official-looking UM messages or websites urge you to act quickly to verify your account, remedy a full e-mail box, keep your account from being deleted, etc. Use caution, be suspicious, and verify requests are legitimate below providing any information. Know that UM IT providers should never ask you for personal information via email. Click here for more background and ways to ensure you are protected.

Field Equipment Program — The LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) team can help you plan for your IT needs in the field, whether that is conducting door-to-door surveys or gathering scientific data atop a mountain. We can consult with you on your requirements, provide demonstrations and recommendations on viable options, and even loan out ruggedized IT equipment for evaluation purposes. Interested? Please contact: Peter Knoop,

PC Helps is now Vitalyst. The third-party service we contract previously known as PC Helps recently changed their name to Vitalyst. New name, and even broader support for detailed software questions, now including tablet and mobile support. Expert level assistance is available 24x7 for over a hundred applications, including titles from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Apple, and more. To access this resource, simply call the LSA Service Center (734.936.3279) and select the advanced software support option. While this service is available without direct cost to LSA faculty and staff, it costs LSA per minute of use, so please be sure to have a well-defined question ready when you call to help keep the service affordable for all of us. (Contact: Greg Beyer)

New and Updated Software Available — Since last month's update, we've released the following upgrades to software titles in the portfolio: Apple Final Cut Studio X.1.1, EndNote X7, FileMaker Pro 13, and IDL 8.3. Click here for a complete list of all titles available. (Contact: Crystal Borgman,

ArcGIS for Server Service Pilot — LSA IT is now running an instance of ESRI's ArcGIS for Server (Version 10.2.1). This service will provide LSA researchers with support for 1) enterprise geodatabases, which can handle larger data sets than standard geodatabases and offer collaboration enabling capabilities, such as versioning, replication, and distribution; 2) server-based geoprocessing for resource-intensive geoprocessing needs; and, 3) web services for GIS, such as Map Services, Feature Services, WCS, WMS, WFS, Mobile Data Access, KML, Schematics, Network Analysis, and REST and SOAP interfaces. This service can also be utilized as a backend for our organizational instance of ArcGIS Online. Participation in the ArcGIS for Server Service Pilot is limited. Interested? Contact Peter Knoop,

Large Scale Research Storage — We continue to offer each faculty member 2TB storage at no cost to the faculty member or requesting department. Additional storage, greater than 2TB, can be purchased at a cost of $30/year. Trade-in options are also available for larger storage amounts. To request your storage, please fill out the request form here. (Contact: Ryan Bankston)

Faculty Website PilotLSA Web Services and LSAIT are pleased to announce the pilot of new faculty-specific website development. Both personal and lab websites are available at no cost. We are currently seeking pilot participants. To participate, you will need to commit time to work with support staff on your site over the next month. Click here for details. Interested? Contact:

Project Horizon update. Last year ITS announced plans to streamline its portfolio of services. Based on concerns and feedback, plans have since been modified. At the present time, services that were identified as part of this project will remain available and active, with the following exceptions: mBlog will be retired May 1, Computer Power and Patch Management (CPPM) will be retired once it is fully replaced by newer technologies, and the transition of MySQL to MiDatabase and VaaS to MiServer will continue, however the deadline to opt in has been removed. Project leadership is working with campus to help with further planning (Contact: Rita Girardi).

API Access added to Qualtrics — API access has been added to Qualtrics, enabling a greater level of in-depth survey programming and customization. To add this access to your Qualtrics account, contact Gloria Love.

IT Service Request Satisfaction Ratings — Below is a summary of customer service interactions for LSA IT. Significant increase in numbers from December to January reflects standard cycle of holiday/off-time followed by a busy start of term. (Contact: Greg Beyer).

Measure Dec 13 Jan 14
Total requests across all LSA IT 2,126 3,220
Satisfaction that the reported issue was resolved 98% 96%
Ocerall Customer Satisfaction 95% 98%
Calls to LSA Service Center 409 687
Calls answered within 30 seconds 90.1% 83.7%