Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSA IT is leading or broader Michigan IT initiatives that may be of interest to you. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

UM3D Lab Open House, Jan 17 — Curious about new technologies, or have a project in mind but not sure where to start? The UM3D Lab Winter Open House will feature demonstrations of Virtual Reality, Rapid Prototyping, Motion Capture, 3D Scanning, Mobile Development, Animations, and more. The open house is this Friday, January 17th, noon-6pm at the UM3D Lab (directions). Come see all of the amazing technology and services available to you through the Library. More information.

IT Collaboration and Innovation Award Winners — Congratulations to Nancy Herlocher and Kris Sarrica, winners of this year's IT Collaboration and Innovation Award. Nancy was recognized for organizing the Connections Conference, bringing together presentations on a broad array of IT resources available to researchers. Kris was recognized for enabling the LSA IT Service Center to more effectively service user calls through collaboration within LSA and with university-wide IT (ITS). Special thanks to the LSA IT Council for their work in reviewing nominations and selecting the recipients (Contact: David Sweetman).

Faculty Website PilotLSA Web Services and LSAIT are pleased to announce the pilot of new faculty-specific website development. Both personal and lab websites are available at no cost. We are currently seeking pilot participants. To participate, you will need to commit time to work with support staff on your site over the next month. Click here for details. Interested? Contact:

HPC 100, 101, and 201 courses — Three different hands-on classes are being offered this term for users and potential users to learn more about the Flux high-performance computing (HPC) environment. HPC 100 provides the basics of accessing and interacting with HPC using the GNU/Linux command line. HPC 101 builds on this knowledge and provides an overview of cluster computing concepts, with special focus on Flux. HPC 201 builds on the prior two sessions and includes topics such as parallel programming models, dependent and array scheduling, and advanced troubleshooting. Space is limited. Click here for more information or to register (Contact: Charles Antonelli).

East Hall Flooding Response — A huge THANK YOU to IT staff from across LSA and SNRE who came together to provide rapid and effective response to the recent flooding in East Hall. (Contact: Gretchen Kopmanis, Eric Pinaud).

New and Updated Software Available — Since last month's update, we've released the following upgrades to software titles in the portfolio: Autodesk Education Master Suite 2014, MathType 6.7 for Mac & MathType 6.9 for Windows, SAS 9.4, SPSS 22, Stat/Transfer 12, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2. The MATLAB network license server was updated for another year and NAG Compilers & Numerical Libraries are now open to the entire ITAM consortium. nQuery Advisor and nTerim are now also available for sample size and power analysis. Click here for a complete list of all titles available. (Contact: Crystal Borgman,

Google Forms and Slides — This month, ITS is highlighting Google Forms and Slides. Google Forms are a great way to send out a survey, a quiz, or plan an event. Google Slides are online presentations similar to PowerPoint that offer easy sharing and co-editing. If it's been a while since you've checked out all that Google Forms and Slides can do for you, or, if you've never looked in to Google Forms and Slides, make sure you register for the upcoming IT4U session on Thur, 1/23, 9:00–9:45 AM. You can also refer to the Guide to Slides and Forms Materials on the web document (Contact: Jennifer Mruk).

Google+ Hangouts replacing Google Talk — If you use the Windows Google Talk client, you will soon start seeing notifications that Google is retiring it this February. Google+ Hangouts chat offers better support for mobile devices, group conversations, images, and locations. If you're interested in taking advantage of the video conferencing functionality of Google+ Hangouts and you don't currently have a webcam, LSA can provide you one (Contact: Greg Beyer).

Data Analysis and Statistical Methods Consulting — The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR) provides free consulting in data analysis and statistical methods to all UM researchers. They are able to assist with the design, analysis, interpretation, and communication of research studies and also offer workshops on a variety of statistics topics. More information.

API Access added to Qualtrics — API access has been added to Qualtrics, enabling a greater level of in-depth survey programming and customization. To add this access to your Qualtrics account, contact Gloria Love.

Windows XP End of Life — Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of this April. This includes the ending of critical security updates and other updates to keep Windows XP safe and stable. As a result, we are currently working to upgrade the small number of remaining Windows XP computers in LSA, or provide limited support where upgrades are not possible due to attached instrumentation or other needs (Contact: Tim Rolston).

M+Box Sync client upgrades — The newest version of the M+Box sync client is now available on Mac OSX, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. Upgrade includes faster loading, more intuitive navigation, and improved searching. Learn more about M+Box.

IT Service Request Satisfaction Ratings — Below is a summary of customer service interactions for LSA IT. This is the first month these satisfaction scores are available, and we especially welcome your feedback on refining this report for future months (Contact: Greg Beyer).

Measure Dec
Total support requests across all LSA IT 2,126
Satisfaction that reported issue was resolved 98%
Overall Customer Satisfaction 95%
Calls to LSA Service Center 409
Calls answered within 30 seconds 90.1%