This month brings a new salvo of Google tips, as there have been a number of significant changes to Google apps since my last message:

1) New Inbox type in Google Mail - There is a new option for displaying your inbox with tabs - however, the tabs are predetermined and based on what Google used to call the "smart labels." These smart labels categorize your mail in a Primary tab, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. I personally do not find this helpful, but the option to turn on those tabs is now available.

More information on the New Inbox 

2) Google Forms, refreshed - There is a new version of Google forms: new field types, new look, collaboration features, and more.

More information on the new Google Forms 

3) Print Google Forms - This is related to #2, but worth a mention of its own - you can now print a Google form in a nice format so it can be filled out manually - for those times when a paper form just makes more sense.

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4) Calendar events from an email message - This was a subtle change that I find quite useful - days/times should now appear underlined in your Gmail web interface, and clicking on those underlined words will show your agenda for that day and will allow you to place a meeting directly on your calendar from there, complete with a link to the originating email message.

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5) Send encrypted emails - Email is inherently a very insecure medium because messages are sent by default in clear text - this Chrome extension allows you to send encrypted messages - of course you need the extension on both the sending and receiving side, and the receiver needs to know the password in order to decrypt the message. I tried it between two different machines and it worked quite well and is very simple to use.

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