In our continued efforts to enhance the quality and effectiveness of services that IT provides to LSA units, we are currently involved in a project to enhance IT support. Beginning August 8, 2013, we will combine the currently disparate processes and systems for managing IT support requests. This new system is called ServiceLink and will include participation from all Michigan IT providers with which you regularly interact (complete list at the end of this message). This will bring with it the ability for us to better serve you through providing a more seamless and positively consistent support experience. We are in the process of providing IT staff the training necessary to make this a smooth transition.

This will in no way change how you and your unit request support from IT; you can continue to use the same phone numbers, email addresses, or web forms as you have previously.  Also, the individuals who service your in-person IT requests will be largely unchanged as a result of this change. Behind the scenes, we will be changing how these requests are routed, including leveraging expert phone support staff with specialized training in this area and leveraging the respective expertise of our IT staff to provide you with both more timely and effective response to your support inquiries. 

ITS, IT in LSA and Administrative Services Transformation (AST) are working together to introduce this new solution, which will transition various service management functions in six major phases over the coming year. (See the roadmap for details.) 

“A cloud-based solution like ServiceLink will help us deliver excellent, cohesive service to meet evolving campus needs,” says LSA IT project sponsor David Sweetman. “We’re excited to work with ITS and AST on implementing this new system that will both improve productivity and reduce operational costs.”

To learn more, visit the project site and read the FAQ. The website will provide regular updates and information about the implementation process as well information about training and support resources. 

IT Providers participating in this enhanced service 

LSA IT – Computing Services Group (CSG)
LSA IT – Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) 
LSA IT – Infrastructure LSA IT – Regional - Biology IT (Bio IT) 
LSA IT – Regional - Computing and Technology Services (CaTS) 
LSA IT – Regional – East Hall Technical Services (EHTS) 
LSA IT – Regional – North University Information Technology (NuIT) 
LSA Management Information Systems (MIS) 
LSA Instructional Support Services (ISS) – IT 
UM Information and Technology Services (ITS)