May brings a "potpourri" of tech tips: 

1) Here's one for the Mac users - Seven Mountain Lion tips: 

2) And one for those of you using Windows 8 - "How to not get lost in Windows 8 - Best shortcuts and tricks": 

3) Have you heard about Google Keep? This is a new service from Google much like "stickies", but cloud enabled so you can get to your quick notes from anywhere (more info on Keep at - Google just released a Chrome app which acts as a standalone app in its own small window, and works offline - read more at 

4) Some information on the "new" Gmail compose window, which may have taken some by surprise: 

5) Right Side Chat in Gmail - I have heard many people mentioning the poor placement of the Gchat pane in Gmail, which has a tendency to overlap the list of labels and make it awkward to get to what you need in that area. You can move the whole Gchat pane to the right side of the screen by enabling the "Right Side Chat" lab (Settings > Labs > Right Side Chat). This will free up the whole left side of the screen to display your list of labels. 

You can also change the length of the chat contacts list by clicking on the small arrow right above the "search people" field, hovering over "Most popular", and choosing one of the "Tiny, Small, Medium, Large" options (this refers to the number of "most popular" contacts you'll see in the list, making it shorter or longer).