Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSA IT is leading or participating in, as well as reminders of services available via LSA IT. Feedback and questions are always welcome. 

1PB of data storage - We are complete in our roll-out of high capacity storage to faculty. Up to two terabytes of secure, replicated data storage is being made available to each faculty member without cost to the faculty member or department. The faculty member or department can also purchase additional storage. If you need storage and have not yet requested it, simply complete this form(Contact: Doug Cox, Marissa Green). 

High-Performance Computing (HPC) 101 Training - Here's an opportunity for Flux HPC users and potential users to learn more about the Flux computing cluster, creating and submitting jobs, understanding the available tools, and avoiding common pitfalls. This will be a hands-on experience. Basic Linux command-line skills are prerequisite. Class will be offered Thursday, 5/23, 1-5 PM in Room B745 East Hall. Click here for full details here to register. We also plan on teaching this course again next term (Contact: Charles Antonelli). 

Annual Hard Drive Shredding - Last year at about this time we held a college-wide hard drive collection and shredding event. It was successful, with secure disposal of over 1100 hard drives. We will again be offering shredding services this year. All drives are due Thursday, June 27, 2013. If submitting drives: deliver them to the LSA Help Desk (LSA 1112) in sealed boxes, clearly labeled with the number of drives and your contact information, and not weighing more than 40 lbs. The vendor will provide us with a certificate of destruction once the job is completed. This program is being paid for by LSA, and should be used to dispose of LSA property only (Contact: Greg Beyer). 

Farewells from LSA IT - There have been a number of staff changes in LSA IT over the past month: Karen Pachla has announced her retirement, effective May 31. We will be holding a celebration to wish her well on Tuesday, May 28, from 1-3pm in LSA 1112. Effective June 1, Chris Brenner will transition to a role with the ITS Information and Infrastructure Assurance (IIA, security) department with campus-wide IT security offerings. Effective June 17, Vlad Miskevich will be transitioning to the role of Neighborhood IT Desktop Support Manager with the campus-wide MiWorkspace service. June 19 will be the last day with LSA IT for Janine Taylor, who is pursuing other career interests. We wish these four individuals all the best in these transitions. We are working directly with departments and individuals most directly impacted by these departures; look for information in next month's update regarding filling the duties these individuals held (Contact: David Sweetman). 

New staff to LSA IT Advocacy and Research Support - We are excited to announce two additions to the Advocacy and Research Support (ARS) team. As of May 6, Igor Belopolsky has transitioned from the Computer Support Group to join the ARS team. He will split his time between being an advocate and providing research programming support for LSA departments. Mary Hemmeterhas accepted a temporary position with the team. She is currently working on her B.S in Physics with a minor in Computer Science. Mary started with the team on May 2 and will be providing research programming support for LSA departments. (Contact: Erin Dietrich). 

IT in LSA implementing cohesive service management - IT leadership from across LSA continues collaboration with ITS and AST to implement ServiceNow as our service management tool in the coming months. Training for those that will be system administrators was completed at the beginning of May. In addition ServiceNow kickoff workshops were held with representation from ITS, IT in LSA and AST. The workshops were an important step in validating how the future state process and detailed requirements that have been documented by the project team will match with the ServiceNow platform. The initial implementation of ServiceNow will be done in six releases (Release 1.0 - 1.5) which are planned between June 2013 and March 2014. Development efforts for Release 1.0 will begin in May. (Contact: Erin Dietrich, Reid Paxton, David Sweetman). 

New and updated software titles available – Since last month’s update, we have upgraded the following software titles in LSA IT’s UMich ITAM portfolio: Apple Final Cut Studio X.0.8, NAG Compilers & Numerical Libraries, GAUSS 13, Stata/SE, KeyServer, IDL, OriginPro 9, and Bomgar. Click here for a complete list of all titles. Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of any of these software offerings. (Contact: Crystal Borgman).

IT Advocacy Pilot - We continue to roll-out the IT Advocacy role to additional units across LSA. We are now participating with 10 units across the College. Invitations to departments to join Phase 2 of the pilot will be sent out during May. For up-to-date information on the assignments and participating units, click here (Contact: Erin Dietrich). 

Feedback on Collaboration Tools - The Collaborative Services group in ITS is reaching out to campus to get feedback on collaboration tools including the entire Google suite (Mail, Drive, Google+, etc) as well CTools, M+Box and others. Please visit the simple form to leave your feedback, suggestions, and/or experiences.