LSA IT has partnered with ITS to offer 1 petabyte of secure subsidized research storage space for faculty.

Up to two terabytes of storage is available to each faculty member without cost to the faculty member or department. Additional storage can be purchased by the faculty member or department at a cost of $30 per terabyte per year.

Either CIFS or NFS storage is available (if you don’t know which you need, we can help you figure it out).  If you are storing sensitive data types, please check here (CIFS or NFS) for any restrictions.

CIFS storage, used primarily by Windows and most Macs offers higher security and the ability to retrieve accidentally deleted files for up to 60 days using snapshot technology.

Data Retention:

  • Daily snapshots at noon and 4 p.m., retained for 3 days
  • Nightly snapshots at midnight every day, retained for 7 days
  • Weekly snapshots every Sunday morning at midnight, retained for 8 weeks

NFS storage, used primarily by Linux and some Macs offers replication of data for disaster recovery purposes. This service offers no built-in backup for accidental deletion.

A given faculty member can leverage either all of one type of storage, or some of each if needed. This storage offering is designed to complement Google Docs and Box. Where those two solutions are meant for lower-volumes of data, this offering is meant for big data that those services simply cannot accommodate.

To request storage, simply complete the form available here.

Your storage will be provisioned within one business day.