For this month, a couple of Apple/iOS security tips and some Google tips:

1.  Apple adds two-factor authentication- Two factor authentication
refers to authentication which requires not only something you know (like a
password), but also something you have (like an Mtoken). After some recent
high-profile hacks Apple quietly introduced two-factor authentication for
your Apple ID as an opt-in security enhancement. In this case the "thing
you have" is a code that gets sent to you via text or iMessage. After
Dropbox got hacked a few months back they also introduced two-factor
authentication, and Evernote is in the process of doing so as well. Google
has offered two-factor authentication for quite a while (but it is
unfortunately not compatible with the UM systems at this time).  

More information on Apple's two-factor authentication at

2.  Securing your iOS device for your children* - I am sure some of you,
like me, have at some point looked at a credit card bill and wondered about
some of those $.99 in-app purchases...I recently ran across a three part
series of articles on securing iOS for your children:

Part 1 - Setting up a kid friendly iTunes account:
Part 2 - Prevent in-app purchases:
Part 3
- Removing apps, etc.:

3.  Word Processing in Google Docs - A few quick tips at, and another slightly older article at

4.  Google introduces Google Keep - This is a new service from Google, so
new in fact that you can only use it on Android, or at the direct URL - Google promises more convenient integration
with Drive soon. This is a service that allows you to take (and keep)
quick notes, kind of like the Evernote service (but at this point much more
bare bones, which can sometimes be a good thing).

More information at

5.  Attaching images in the new Gmail compose window - At some point
recently Google changed slightly the behavior of the compose window when
you drag/drop an image into it. The difference is subtle, but could be
annoying depending on whether you are trying to attach or embed the image.

More information at