Welcome to the newly redesigned website for LSAIT.  The redesign of our website coincides with the restructuring of our organization that took place in Fall of 2012.  

The catalyst for the restructuring was feedback we heard when reaching out to departments to find out about their interactions with LSAIT.  We heard that IT in the College was not meeting research and instructional needs and that we didn’t understand the units we serve.  After gathering the feedback, we set out to improve the support LSAIT provides.  One step in the improvement was restructuring our organization.  The overall goal was to align our teams and services to focus on the mission of the College and better meet the needs of the departments and the faculty.

There were two major outcomes of the reorganization:

#1 - First the creation of advocacy role.  This was a new role that didn’t exist in LSAIT prior to the reorganization.  The idea behind the advocacy role is to help researchers navigate and leverage IT so that they can focus on research and teaching.  This is modeled after the Subject Specialist service provided by MLibrary.  We aim to provide a similar service for Information Technology.  For more information see (link to Advocacy service page of our site).
#2 - The second outcome of the reorganization is that the structure of the teams in LSAIT changed. Prior to the reorganization, we had teams organized around types of technology and they often worked in silos. There was a lot of overlap and redundancy between the groups.  The groups were stretched across providing multiple services.  The result was little focus on the more specific and unique IT needs in the units.

Now our focus has shifted….we are organized around the services that will support the mission of the College and advance research and learning. We aren’t neglecting any of the areas now that we have reorganized, we are just removing redundancy and sharing commodity services across campus.  The result is that LSAIT can focus on technologies that support innovation and advancement in instruction and research and the unique needs of the units we serve.