Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSAIT is leading or participating in, as well as reminders of services available via LSA IT.  Feedback and questions are always welcome.

LSA IT Faculty Advisory Committee - As part of our continued efforts to ensure LSA IT is aligned to the needs of our faculty, we are pleased to announce the formation of the LSA IT Faculty Advisory Committee, consisting of the following members: Charlie Brooks (Biophysics and Chemistry), Jeremy Fox (Economics), Kali Israel (History), Aaron King (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), John Monnier (Astronomy), Stilian Stoev (Statistics), Melanie Yergeau (English).  Nominations for membership were solicited from Chairs and Directors with the goal of representing the diverse ways in which IT is leveraged by our faculty.  Expect periodic updates regarding this group (Contact: David Sweetman).

New 1PB of data storage - Up to two terabytes of secure, replicated storage will be made available to each faculty member without cost to the faculty member or department.  For those faculty members currently leveraging local storage solutions, we are offering a trade-in program by which up to ten terabytes of storage will be provided in exchange for any University-owned local storage purchased prior to 2/1/2013.  The faculty member or department can purchase additional storage.  To enable us best serve all faculty, we will gradually make this service available over the next two months on a unit-by-unit basis.  The availability schedule is at the end of this status article.  We will send further detail to each unit as the service becomes available. In the meantime, if you have immediate storage needs this solution can address, please contact us (Contact: Doug Cox, Marissa Green, David Sweetman).

Upcoming Campus-wide Michigan IT Town Hall Meetings – All members of the UM community are invited to hear the latest about Michigan IT during a campus-wide town hall event scheduled for March 18, 9-noon, in the Michigan League Ballroom.  Additionally, all IT professionals will soon receive an invitation to University-wide IT Town Halls that will provide greater discussion opportunity for IT staff regarding Michigan IT.  As described in previous updates, efforts continue to articulate the details of what MiWorkspace will mean to LSA and other academic units.  MiWorkspace is part of broader University-wide IT Rationalization efforts to build a more cohesive community of IT professionals across the University – called Michigan IT – that is aligned to effectively providing both local and University-wide IT needs (Contacts: David Sweetman).

IT in LSA implementing cohesive catalog of services and customer service standards - IT leadership from across LSA continues collaboration to ensure alignment of our efforts to the missions of the College and to provide excellent service in the process.  We have created plans to address three pragmatic opportunities: (1) creating a cohesive catalog of IT services provided across LSA to enable us to more effectively connect IT needs with IT solutions, (2) common high customer service standards across all IT providers in LSA, and (3) collaborative routing of IT requests through the IT ecosystem in LSA where IT navigates the complexity of IT on behalf of the user, rather than expecting the user to do so (Contact: David Sweetman).

LSA IT goes Agile - Another development in our ongoing efforts to improve customer service has been implementing Agile work tracking methodology. Utilizing the Agile approach to work tracking will allow us to collaboratively plan our work, prioritize our resources and improve service by providing better estimates for effort and completion (Contacts: Erin Dietrich, Marissa Green).

IT Advocacy Pilot - Work continues in defining the IT Advocacy role as a way to more effectively partner with departments, understand needs, and navigate the UM IT ecosystem to best provide for those needs.  We are starting with a subset of departments and expanding the offering throughout 2013.  By adding departments incrementally, we have the opportunity to collect data, gain valuable insights, and ensure appropriate staffing levels to scale the service College-wide. Additionally, this approach will allow the most flexibility in shaping the Advocacy role.  Services will be driven by and adapted based on feedback and data from participating departments.  For more information about the pilot underway for this new service, please see (Contact: Erin Dietrich).

LSA IT Infrastructure unavailable March 9-10 - LSA IT will be performing standard maintenance on LSA server.   LSA infrastructure may be temporarily unavailable all day Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th (Contact: Marissa Green).\

East Hall Server Room Consolidation and new south CSG office - In March, during our LSA IT maintenance weekend, we will be consolidating East Hall Server rooms. This effort will allow us to convert an existing server room into office space for a Computer Support Group (CSG) office that can better serve LSA locations along South University.  We continue migrating servers to the ITS cloud server offering, MiServer, to reduce our physical server footprint (Contact: Marissa Green, Greg Beyer).

Mason Hall wireless network upgrade – A significant upgrade to the Mason Hall wireless network will occur during Winter Recess, March 4-8.  This significant upgrade will result in significant disruption to both wireless and wired networks in Mason Hall and the Sites Computer Lab, as outlined below:

  • Mon, 3/4: Sites Computer Lab: Wireless unavailable all day.
  • Tue, 3/5: Ground Floor: Wired Network unavailable 7am to 10am, Wireless unavailable all day
  • Wed, 3/6: First Floor: Wired Network unavailable 7am to 9am, Wireless unavailable all day
  • Thur, 3/7: Second Floor: Wired Network unavailable 7am to 9am, Wireless unavailable all day
  • Fri, 3/8: Third Floor: Wired Network unavailable 7am to 9am, Wireless unavailable all day
    Also note: there may be intermittent unavailable of the wireless network throughout the week while it is upgraded (Contact: Marissa Green)

PC Helps - Do you have a complicated question on how to use a piece of software?  Help is available!  LSA continues our contract with PC Helps, a third-party vendor specializing in 24x7 detailed assistance for over a hundred applications including titles from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Apple, and more.  To access this resource, simply call our Helpdesk (936-3279) and select option 2.  While this service is available without direct cost to LSA faculty and staff, it costs LSA per minute of use, so please be sure to have a well-defined question ready when you call to help keep the service affordable to us. (Contact: Greg Beyer)

Tech tip emails - Last month we started twice-monthly tech tips emails.  Each email contains 5 quick and simple tips designed to help you more fully leverage our IT environment.  To receive these emails, simply add yourself to the email group (you can do so at  Please let us know if you have ideas for topics you’d like to see included in future emails.  (Contact: Eric Pinaud, David Sweetman).

Red Hat Satellite Server – We have made significant progress on the Red Hat Satellite Server migration and are still on target for completion by the end of February. We have completed externalizing the database, bringing up a MiServer instance, and are currently installing and testing the Satellite service on MiServer. (Contact: Marissa Green)

New 1PB of data storage - Detailed Availability Timeline by department


Unit Availability Begins
Afroamerican & African Studies (DAAS) 2/28/13
Am Culture 2/28/13
Anthropology 2/28/13
Anthropology Museum 2/28/13
Applied Physics 2/28/13
Archaeology Museum (Kelsey) 3/7/13
Asian Lang and Culture 3/7/13
Astronomy 3/7/13
Bio Station 3/7/13
Biophysics 3/7/13
Chemistry 3/7/13
Classical Art/Arch 3/14/13
Classical Studies 3/14/13
Comm. Studies 3/14/13
Comp. Studies 3/14/13
Comparative Literature 3/14/13
Complex Systems 3/14/13
Earth & Environmental Sciences 3/21/13
Economics 3/21/13
EEB 3/21/13
ELI 3/21/13
English 3/21/13
Environment (PiTE) 3/21/13
Germanic Langs. 3/28/13
Global and Intercultural Study, Center for (CGIS) 3/28/13
Global Scholars Program 3/28/13
Health Science Scholars Program 3/28/13
Herbarium 3/28/13
History 3/28/13
History of Art 3/28/13
Honors 4/4/13
Humanities Institute 4/4/13
Intergroup Relations 4/4/13
International Institute 4/4/13
Judaic Studies 4/4/13
Language Resource Center 4/4/13
Linguistics 4/4/13
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program 4/11/13
Mathematics 4/11/13
MCDB 4/11/13
Michigan Comm. Scholars Prog. 4/11/13
MRC WISE RP 4/11/13
Museum of Natural History 4/11/13
NES 4/11/13
Organizational Studies 4/18/13
Paleontology Museum 4/18/13
Philosophy 4/18/13
Physics 4/18/13
Political Science 4/18/13
Psychology 4/18/13
Residential College (RC) 4/25/13
Romance Lang (RLL) 4/25/13
Science Learning Center 4/25/13
Screen Arts & Cultures 4/25/13
Slavic Languages 4/25/13
Sociology 4/25/13
Statistics 4/30/13
Student Academic Affairs 4/30/13
Sweetland Center for Writing 4/30/13
UROP 4/30/13
Women's Studies 4/30/13
Zoology Museum 4/30/13