Can you believe it has been nearly 6 months since LSA completed the transition to Google?  To mark this milestone, we recently asked members of LKAG to share with us both what have been productivity boosts due to Google, as well as limitations experienced.  We have compiled those results and this week’s tech tips focus on the five most common bits of feedback we received.  We will also use that data in shaping future tech tips.  Hopefully these tidbits may save you time and frustrations!

5 Tips for Google

Want to print an email or see the full screen view?

  • Click on the arrow symbol next to the printer icon

Would you like to attach multiple docs at once?

  • Click on “Attach a file” and hold the CTRL key down, choose your docs then select “open.”

Ever wish you could create an email now and send it later, missing the delay send feature in Outlook?

  • If using Chrome or Firefox, try an app called Boomerang. Just click on the link, “Allow” the download and select “Install Now.”  You do not need to be an administrator of your machine to do this!

Do your calendar reminders take over while in the middle of working on something else?

  • Try the “Gentle Reminders” lab found in the “Labs” section of your Calendar settings.  Just enable, save, and no more forceful reminder interruptions!

Have you ever sent a message indicating you were attaching a doc, and then forget to attach that doc?

  • No extra features need to be enabled here, if Google picks up the word “attach” in your email without an actual attachment, you will be reminded to do so prior to sending.  Try it!