Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSAIT is leading or participating in.  Feedback is always welcome.  Please let me know if you have any general questions or comments, and please feel free to contact the project contacts listed below if you have any questions or comments regarding those specific projects.

LSAIT open for business 12/24 - The LSAIT Helpdesk and CSG will be open for business on 12/24, please submit requests through normal methods if you need desktop support on this day. (Contact: Phil Bonam)

IT in LSA visioning - IT leadership from across LSA continues work on our IT vision.  Over the past month, we have identified and prioritized key strategic areas to focus on to further increase the value of IT in LSA.  These areas include governance and prioritization, cohesive catalog of IT services, rationale point of user contact, common high customer service standards, and more.  Look for more detail in each of these areas over the coming months. (Contact: David Sweetman)

IT Collaboration and Innovation Award - Congratulations to Kyle Kwaiser, this year’s recipient of the LSA IT Collaboration and Innovation Award.  Kyle earned this award for his work in leading the creation of the Data Profile Tool, collaborating across the College to provide a new service to help enable the handling and storage of research and scholarly materials. (Contact: David Sweetman)

New Advocacy staff members - We have completed the hiring process for the two new positions on the Advocacy and Research Support team.  Nancy Herlocher started on November 19.  The second addition to our team, Peter Knoop, started December 3. (Contact: Erin Dietrich) IT Advocacy visioning - A major change in LSAIT reorganization is the creation of advocacy roles specifically designed to enable us to more effectively partner with departments, understand needs, and navigate the Michigan IT ecosystem to best provide for those needs.  We continue work to shape this role. We will pilot the advocacy role with a small number of departments in the first quarter of 2013.  Based on the feedback and data from the pilot, we will refine the service and expand the offering to more departments.  Conducting the pilot will provide valuable insights and ensure appropriate staffing levels for scaling the service College-wide. (Contact: Erin Dietrich). 

Visualization Workstation - In collaboration with the Statistics department, LSAIT is in the process of purchasing a data visualization workstation.  The workstation will reside in the Statistics department and will be available College-wide for those interesting in exploring visualization of large data sets.  Statistics will lead the way in experimenting with the hardware and software to help realize the many research opportunities this will enable. (Contact: Erin Dietrich) 

Webcams Available - We still have a supply of webcams available to use in taking advantage of the video conferencing hangout functionality of Google.  If you would like to request one for your workstation, contact CSG at or 6-3279.  (Contact: Greg Beyer)

MiWorkspace - The MiWorkspace steering committee, comprised of IT leaders from across campus, has recently begun focusing on the design of MiWorkspace for the academic environment, a transition from the previous focus on non-academic units.  The steering committee is largely confident in the underlying technology to enable MiWorkspace and is focusing its efforts on ensuring the associated workflow processes are designed to focus on providing straightforward and effective computing support (Contacts: Greg Beyer, Eric Pinaud, David Sweetman). 

Server Room Consolidation - We have continued migrating servers to the ITS cloud server offering, MiServer. We are still defining the project in detail by completing a thorough server inventory, prioritizing the list of server moves, and scheduling appropriate resources and maintenance periods. We continue to work with LSA Facilities to finalize an analysis of energy costs of our existing server rooms/closets. (Contact: Marissa Green) 

Wireless antenna upgrade –  The last remaining upgrade is the Angell Hall complex of buildings and completion is targeted by the end of January 2013.  (Contact: Marissa Green)

Red Hat Satellite Server – To address continued growth needs of our Linux software repository and management system, we are upgrading the Satellite server from standalone LSA hardware to ITS MiServer cloud service. We have completed upgrading the Satellite Server to the latest version in-place and expect to fully migrate it to the MiServer offering by the end of the January. (Contacts: Karen Pachla, David Rhey, Marissa Green)