Below is this month's status report for significant projects which LSAIT is leading or participating in.  Feedback is always welcome.  Please let me know if you have any general questions or comments, and please feel free to contact the project contacts listed below if you have any questions or comments regarding those specific projects.

LSAIT Reorganization - Following last month’s forming of the new LSAIT management team, over the past month we have completed a reorganization of LSAIT staff to align to the new structure of desktop support, advocacy & research support, and infrastructure support teams.  Click here to view an updated organizational chart to understand who within LSAIT now works as part of which team (note the chart is clickable to readily navigate between teams).  The chart also portrays the dotted line relationship of LSA regional IT support with LSAIT that took effect over the summer.  With reorganization complete, the next step is knowledge transfer between teams and further cross training within teams in order to strengthen a foundation of consistently strong customer service  (Contact: David Sweetman).

IT Advocacy visioning - A major change in LSAIT reorganization is the creation of advocacy roles specifically designed to enable LSAIT to more effectively partner with departments, understand needs, and navigate the UM IT ecosystem to best provide for those needs.  This month we are meeting with Key Ad small groups and others this month to help us in shaping the vision of this new IT advocacy role.  In November, we are scheduled at Chair and Director luncheons to further refine what shape IT advocacy will take in LSA  (Contact: Erin Dietrich).

MiWorkspace - MiWorkspace is a new campus-wide service that supports a suite of desktop services we all use everyday, including printing, network connectivity, storage, security, software, and also desktop support.  This new service is currently being implemented in administrative units of the University.  we will soon begin detailed planning for adoption within LSA.  Look for more information regarding the impact in LSA in the coming months.  (Contact: David Sweetman)

Staffing Transition to ITS - Matt McLane, who supports the backend LSA desktop infrastructure, has worked 50% with ITS on the MiWorkspace project for much of the past year to help define this new campus-wide desktop offering.  He will be fully transitioning to ITS’ MiWorkspace team on October 22nd. He will continue to work closely with us in supporting our windows build (WLMS) while further developing the academically-focused MiWorkspace Windows offering. (Contact: Marissa Green)

Server Room Consolidation - We have begun migrating servers to the ITS cloud server offering, MiServer. We are defining the project in detail by completing a thorough server inventory, prioritizing the list of server moves, and scheduling appropriate resources and maintenance periods. We hope to have this project analysis complete by the end of October.  We continue to work with LSA facilities to finalize an analysis of energy costs of our existing server rooms/closets. (Contact: Marissa Green)

Wireless antenna upgrade –  Antenna replacements are complete in Lorch, Kraus, MLB, Chemistry, and the Angell Auditoriums.  The remainder of the Angell Hall complex of buildings should be completed in November. (Contact: Mark Weishan)

Museums Database Project - We now have a centralized FileMaker 12 Server running on ITS MiServer cloud service.  We are working to begin migrating existing Museum FileMaker databases to this robust solution. (Contact: John Torgersen)

Splunk Deployment for Log Collection/Analysis - Audit logs for various systems across the College will soon be collected on Splunk, a log collecting system.  Further information as well as a brief demo will be given at the next IT Community meeting. (Contacts: Chris Brenner, Daniel Nance).

Red Hat Satellite Server – To address continued growth needs of our Linux software repository and management system, we are in the planning stage of migrating the Satellite server from standalone LSA hardware to ITS MiServer cloud service. This project in divided in two phases: upgrading the Satellite Server to the latest version in-place by early November and fully migrate it to the MiServer offering by the end of the year. (Contacts: Karen Pachla, David Rhey, Marissa Green)

KeyServer Upgrade - An upgrade of the UmichITAM Sassafras KeyServer is planned during the November maintenance weekend. All machines connecting to K2 should have at least version 6.1.2 of the key client installed prior to upgrade. Version 7.x is recommend to leverage new features and can be installed now. Key Shadows will need to be upgraded shortly after KeyServer. (Contact: Crystal Borgman)