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Our vision statement is:

Highly performing and trustworthy teams of technology professionals serve as empowered stewards of college resources and as valued, timely collaborators with constituents across the college in proactively and creatively enabling the LSA missions of knowledge creation and dissemination, as well as administrative support of these missions.

The rest of this page elaborates on the key statements in our vision.

Proactively and Creatively Enabling the LSA Missions

We commit to providing exemplary relationship-based customer service including providing single point of contact and robust IT advocacy services to navigate the Michigan IT ecosystem on behalf of constituents. We proactively partner to truly fulfill both short-term and long-term needs by translating IT capabilities into sustainable solutions. We both enable already-conceived-of possibilities, as well as open new possibilities.

Empowered Stewards

We make decisions in the best interests of our constituents, enabled by our understanding of the disciplines and business of those constituents. By partnering at all levels across the college and university, we possess the wisdom to recognize and develop LSA-wide and LSA unit-centric mission-focused services, tools, and resources while concurrently working with other providers to efficiently host services that benefit from economies of scale larger than LSA, as so those savings can be reinvested in mission-focused services.

Teams of Technology Professionals

Technology professionals within LSA may be distributed, but not fragmented, in collaborative service delivery, connecting at multiple levels to broaden and encourage real-time matching abilities to needs, sharing successes, mitigating “reinventing the wheel,” and connecting relevant knowledge, even when connections aren’t initially apparent.

Highly Performing and Trustworthy

To provide for consistently effective interactions with IT staff, performance expectations and accountability are clear for IT staff through regular coaching, recognition, and opportunity for lifelong professional development and creative exploration directed toward serving the missions of the college. This includes mechanisms for learning and disseminating results of both spontaneous and intentional creative explorations.