Michigan Linguistics was very well represented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America that was held in Portland, Oregon, early in January 2015. We counted no fewer than 13 presentations by Michigan alums or current Michigan faculty and students – including a plenary address by Alicia Wassink (PhD 1999). And it is possible that there were more Michigan presentations than we had missed … The abstracts of these presentations are available in the program of the Annual Meeting.

Presentations by alums
Anna Babel (PhD 2010) Salience and iconicity as motivations for borrowing: aspirates and ejectives in Quechua-influenced Spanish.
Nico Baier (BA 2010) Adjective agreement in Noon: evidence for a split theory of noun-modifier concord.
Dave Kush (BA 2007) together with Terje Lohndal and Jon Sprouse. Experimental syntax and the cross-linguistic variation of island effects in Norwegian and Swedish.
Kevin McGowan
(PhD 2011) together with Meghan Sumner. A phonetic explanation for the usefulness of within-category variation.
David Medeiros (PhD 2013) The morphosyntax of the Hawaiian causative.
Troy Messick (BA 2011) 1st person agreement with 3rd person pronouns in Telegu embedded contexts.
Joseph Tyler (PhD 2012)  with Ezra Keshet and  Anne Spence. Prosodic disambiguation of conditional vs. logical conjunction.
Joseph Tyler (PhD 2012) with Hannah Rohde. Blocking causal interpretations between juxtaposed propositions: experimental evidence.
Alicia Wassink
(PhD 1999) Dialect evolution in the Pacific Northwest: Reanalysis and conventionalization of a universal phonetic pattern.
Di Wdzenczny (BA 2008) /u/ and /i/ have seen what time does: a typology of sound change within vowel harmony systems.

Current students and faculty

Tridha Chatterjee
and Marlyse Baptista. On the development of copulas in Bengali: a contact-induced change?
Tridha Chatterjee and Acrisio Pires. Acquisition of English by bilingual English-Bengali speakers: the case of determiners.
Ezra Keshet,  with Joseph Tyler and  Anne Spence. Prosodic disambiguation of conditional vs. logical conjunction.
Harim Kwon. Phonetic and phonological imitation in Seoul Korean aspirated stops.