The end of the academic year is always a bittersweet time of year. As we celebrate the accomplishments of our undergraduate majors and minors, we of course have to say good-bye to them as they embark on the next chapters of their lives. We had a bumper crop of graduates this year with 40 students graduating with a major and 19 with a minor in Linguistics. This year also saw the first class of students, 8 in total, graduating with a major in Cognitive Science - a number that is sure to go up in coming years.

We know that many of our graduates are starting new jobs, going into the Peace Corps or to teach English abroad, or starting some other adventure about which we don’t know. Many of our students are also continuing their education by pursuing graduate degrees. The list below is undoubtedly incomplete (and may not be completely accurate). Whatever comes next for our graduates, we cannot be prouder of them and we wish them well!

Graduates starting PhD programs in Linguistics
Isabel McKay at the Univeristy of Arizona.
Sarah Harper at the University of Southern California.
Alix Handshuh (a graduate from a 2014) at Georgetown University.

Graduates who will pursue graduate studies in Speech and Hearing Sciences
Nicole Confer at the University of Texas, Dallas.
Jordan Felkey at Northwestern University.
Melanie Greenspan at Northwestern University.
Jamie Gildenberg at Northwestern University.
Jessica Silfen at Boston University
Alexandra Kaplan (a graduate from 2014) at the University of Central Florida

Graduates pursuing PhDs in other fields
Paige Bommarito will start a PhD at the University of North Carolina in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

We would love to know what your graduates are doing! If you’re going to graduate school and your name is not included on this list above, please let us know. If you’re starting a job, going off to volunteer, or planning to do something else, let us know.