Lorenzo García-Amaya and Nick Henriksen recently inaugurated the RLL Speech Production Laboratory, a virtual research facility that allows undergraduate students in Spanish Linguistics to research and collaborate on projects in the areas of Sociophonetics and Second Language Acquisition. Through the website , undergraduate students can access information about their current research projects, their past and upcoming fieldwork trips, and the courses taught by faculty in Romance Linguistics. You can also see a list of the assistants who work in their lab and read about their related academic interests.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Linguistics students interested in various aspects of speech production, phonetics, and second language acquisition to gain valuable experience. Lorenzo and Nick are currently recruiting undergraduate students to collaborate with them for academic year 2015-2016, and interested students should feel free to contact Lorenzo or Nick directly. They are especially interested in recruiting students with programming knowledge, such as C++, Java, R, or Python.