We are happy to welcome three new graduate students to our Department. Graduate students represent the future of the field of Linguistics, and with three such outstanding students, this is a future that is promising to be bright.

Alicia Severs grew up in San Diego, CA. She received her B.S. in Biology in 2009 from San Diego Christian College, and just completed her M.A. in Linguistics at San Diego State University. She is interested in semantics, pragmatics, and psycholinguistics, and hopes to do research incorporating all of these areas.

Marjorie Herbert is technically a native Michigander. She was born in Grand Rapids, and spent the first 14 months of her life there.  After that, her family moved back to their hometown of Charleston, SC.  Marjorie completed a BA with a major Linguistics and a minor in German Literature from Swarthmore College in 2012.  She also spent nine months in Berlin during her undergrad studies doing fieldwork on German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärden Sprache). Her main research interests are in theory-driven fieldwork, syntax, and morphosyntax.  She is also interested in language acquisition as it relates to bilingualism/multilingualism.

Ian Calloway spent the first 18 years of life residing in North Carolina and Virginia before moving to Chicago to complete his BA in Linguistics at the University of Chicago.  His primary interests are sound change, speech perception, and sociophonetics.