The Michigan Linguistics Department continues to be very involved in the Linguistic Society of America. Marlyse Baptista and Andries Coetzee are both current members of the Program Committee of the LSA—Marlyse will be senior co-chair of the committee in 2015, and Andries will take over from Marlyse in 2016. The constitution of the LSA describes the task of this committee as follows:

"The Program Committee shall have responsibility for the scholarly content of the Society's meetings and for recommending general policies on the form of the meetings to the Executive Committee for action." 

The two main tasks of the Program Committee is to oversee the reviewing of the hundreds of abstracts submitted for the Annual Meeting, and to put together the program of the Annual Meeting based on these reviews. The committee met in Ann Arbor this past Friday (September 12) to accomplish the second of these tasks. The photo included here shows members of the committee hard at work, shuffling around little slips of paper that represent each of the accepted abstracts to create the different thematic sessions for the 2015 Annual Meeting. If your abstract has been accepted for inclusion in the Annual Meeting, you should be receiving news very soon about your assigned time slot!