Anastasia Smirnova joins our Department this fall as the new "Language Learning Visiting Assistant Research Professor", a position endowed by the journal Language Learning. Anastasia's research interests involve formal semantics and argument structure, with a specific focus on modal and temporal semantics. She is also interested in language contact and language ideology. With her broad interests, Anastasia contributes to our  strengths in formal semantics and adds to the already existing ties between the various subdisciplines in our Department.

Anastasia is joining us from Tufts University, where she spent the last three years at the Center for Cognitive Studies, collaborating with Ray Jackendoff. Before going to Tufts, Anastasia finished her PhD in 2011 in Linguistics at the Ohio State University. She wrote her dissertation on the semantics of evidentiality and mood in Bulgarian, under the direction of Judith Tonhauser and Brian Joseph.

Anastasia regularly presents her work at conferences such as SALT, and she has recently given invited talks at MIT, Brown, and Harvard. Her work has been published in several of top journals in our field, including a paper based onher dissertation in the Journal of Semantics, and a paper in the Journal of Linguistics on the semantics of the "feel like" construction in Russian and other Slavic Languages.

She is excited to be a member of the Michigan Department of Linguistics and looks forward to work alongside colleagues with such diverse research interests.