We are always happy to report to the activities of our alums! Today we have an update about our recent graduate Tim Chou (PhD 2013, advised by Sam Epstein and Acrisio Pires). Tim started a new tenure-track job as an Assistant Professor at the Taipei Medical University this August. He is responsible for teaching general language courses as well as a course similar to Sam Epstein's "Language and the Human Mind."  Most of his students are either premeds or majors in medicine-related disciplines. Because these students engage in the scientific study of human body, Tim's major teaching goal is to bring their attention to the scientific investigation of human mind/cognition. 

Tim remains very active in research and his current projects include (1) revising a manuscript on Sinhala syntax/semantics (joint work with current graduate student Sujeewa Hettiarachchi), (2) completing the first draft on the bilingual acquisition of Chinese null arguments (joint work with Acrisio Pires), and (3) completing a manuscript on the the ordering of intra-phase rule application and its implications on the derivation of English/Chinese locative inversion.