Michigan was very well represented at the NWAV conference that took place in Chicago earlier in October. There were no fewer than five presentations by faculty, current students, and alums of our graduate program. Our department has been, and continues to be, a leader in research on the various ways in which language is embedded in the social structure of human existence. We list the presentations that were given below. Clicking on any of the presentation titles will take you to an abstract for the particular presentation.

Hayley Heaton (UM): Case Closed?: Authenticity in Media Portrayals of Southern Dialects in The Closer and CSI: Miami

Robin Queen (UM) and Julie Boland (UM): “I think your going to like me”: Typographical & grammatical errors influence our assessment of the message & the writer

Candice Scott (UM): Aspect markers ‘steady’ and ‘stay’ in African American English

Lauren Squires (PhD 2011, now at OSU): Uniformity and variation in computer-mediated communication: Twitter styles of The Real Housewives

Joseph Tyler (PhD 2012, now at Morehead State University): Women, but not men, perceive declarative rises (uptalk) more positively than falls