The Graduate Workshop of the American Midwest and Prairies, or GWAMP, was held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in October. GWAMP is a regional workshop for graduate students in linguistics that grew out off a similar workshop that initially focused only on semantics (and that was then known as SWAMP). At this year's GWAMP, Michigan was represented by Marjorie Herbert and Theo Stern

Marjorie's presentation focused on the pluralization strategies in German Sign Language. Based on fieldwork conducted in Germany, Marjorie shows how German Sign Language has grammaticalized a novel plural morpheme for nouns in which the default pluralization marker is phonologically blocked. Theo's presentation focused on the typologically rare double negation pattern found in Afrikaans. He develops a novel analysis of Afrikaans negation, showing that the Afrikaans pattern is actually less different than has been assumed previously from the negation patterns observed in related Germanic languages. The titles of their presentations are given below, with abstracts linked to the titles.

Marjorie Herbert.  Pluralization strategies in German Sign Language.

Theodore Stern. Afrikaans brace negation within negative concord hypotheses.