The Linguistics Society of University of Georgia hosted the 1st Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference on October 26, 2014. This conference focusses specifically on linguistic research that combines insights from more than one subfield in linguistics. In the words of the organisers: "This conference aims to showcase linguistic experiences that have had positive results when incorporating two or more subfields in order to solve a problem or answer a research question. Whether it is the marriage of formal and functional theory or a joint venture between separate disciplines, working together provides researchers with a way to handle data and analyze findings in new and innovative ways."

Given the broad inter- and intra-disciplinary approach to linguistics that is characteristic of our Department, it is quite appropriate that some of the research by Michigan linguists were presented at this conference. Marlyse Baptista presented a talk titled "Testing the Convergence Hypothesis in Creole Genesis" (based on joint work with Erica Beck and Susan Gelman), while Marcus Berger presented his research on "Semantics of Mixed Extended Projections". The image above shows Marlyse in action at the conference.