Bill Baxter's work on Old Chinese has been receiving well deserved attention and recognition over the past several months. Earlier this year, we reported on the publication of Bill's and Laurent Sagart's monumental monograph on the reconstruction of Old Chinese, as well as on the additional online materials that Bill and Laurent are making available. Today we report on a different aspect of Bill's work on Old Chinese. In 1992, Mouton de Gruyter published Bill's monograph titled "A handbook of Old Chinese Phonology". This monograph was well received upon its initial publication, and has remained a standard reference about the history of Chinese in the two decades since it initially appeared in print. As evidence of its continued international importance in the field, a brand new Japanese translation of the book has just been published by the Kikoshobo publishers in Tokyo. Since we cannot use Japanese characters on this website, we give this link to the publisher's page for the book.