The Linguistics Department owes a great deal to our administrative staff, and today we would like to introduce you to our Executive Secretary, Sandie Petee. 

Sandie joined Linguistics in 2006, coming to us with significant experience in the University. She worked in the medical school for ten years from 1988, then in 1998 worked in the LSA Dean's office. Her experiences there piqued her interest in how individual departments operate, so she chose Linguistics to learn about administrative life from the departmental perspective. 

Sandie's role in our department is to support the Chair and faculty. Some of her main areas of responsibility are ensuring that recruitment of faculty and promotions go smoothly. Sandie finds that it is rewarding to see faculty recruited and progress through to tenure and higher promotions, and she supports us all the way. She likes the Linguistics department because it is not too big - it still has a 'family' feel to it, even though we have hired several more faculty since she joined us. 

One of the biggest challenges in Sandie's position is the constant learning of IT procedures as technology changes the workflow in the University. Another is managing an ever-increasing workload. Sandie enjoys the changes in the administrative 'seasons' throughout the year - each part of the academic year brings its own requirements and revisiting these cycles means that she always has to be flexible. Indeed Sandie is able to handle anything that crops up unexpectedly for faculty, and she always does so with patience, grace and a smile!