Sam Epstein will serve as the Director for the new Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science that was funded by Marshall Weinberg with a $7.7 million gift. As reported in the University Record, the new institute is a cooperative effort between the departments of Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology. This interdisciplinary approach will foster students' exploration of complex issues concerning how the brain and mind work.  Courses will be offered through the departments of Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Statistics, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Political Science and Computer Science.

In addition to the undergraduate major, The Weinberg Institute will ultimately offer a graduate student certificate for students pursuing interdisciplinary opportunities in the cognitive sciences. Faculty, undergraduates and graduate students will all interact in unique interdisciplinary collaborations.
The gift from Marshall Weinberg includes support for teaching innovations including interdisciplinary team teaching, visiting faculty and innovations in cognitive science as well as support for  additional research and faculty initiatives.