We welcome five new graduate students to the Department this year, who bring with them a wide array of experiences, strengths and interests. We are all looking forward to getting to know them better and learning from them.

Ariana Bancu is interested in bilingualism and language contact. She has been focusing in more depth on the morpho-syntactic aspects of code-switching. As a native Romanian speaker herself, she analyzes and compares the code-switching patterns of Romanian immigrants in different countries. She earned an MA in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Marcus Berger is returning to Ann Arbor after completing his undergraduate work in Linguistics and Spanish here in 2010. He has spent his time since then earning his Master's degree at the University of Georgia. He is interested in syntactic theory.

Hezao (Alan) Ke got his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Literature and his Master degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in China. He is currently interested in syntax and semantics, as well as language acquisition and language processing. He also holds a special interest in language disorder. He is happy to find that the residents  in Ann Arbor are very friendly.

Jiseung Kim completed her BA and MA degrees in English department at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea before coming to Ann Arbor. There she worked in a sound lab, and recorded acoustic and articulatory data in Korean as well as in English. She is interested in Phonetics, Articulatory Phonology,and prosody. 

Theodore Stern received his BA from Concordia University in Montreal in 2010, followed by graduate study at the University of Montreal and research at the University of Nice. He is interested in linguistics and cognition, as well as the origin and evolution of language, and conducts his research in phonological theory and phonetics. Outside of the department, Theodore works at the Mattheai Botanical Gardens as a horticulturalist and trains for gymnastics.