Jelena Krivokapic joined the Linguistics Department faculty this fall as a new assistant professor. Jelena’s research focuses on the effects of prosodic structure on articulation and on the planning of prosodic structure. Her work aims to uncover the linguistic representation of prosodic structure, how prosodic structure is articulated and perceived, and how it is shaped in the process of language use.

Jelena received her PhD (The planning, production and perception of prosodic structure .pdf) from the University of Southern California in 2007. Her dissertation is among the only studies to date that explores the role of prosody from the joint perspectives of articulation, perception and planning. Following her PhD, she served on the faculty of Yale University. She is currently setting up the Prosody Laboratory in our department.

Jelena is a widely published scholar, with key papers having already appeared in the Journal of Phonetics, the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and Laboratory Phonology among other venues.

We are very excited to welcome Jelena to the University of Michigan. With her addition to our faculty, we are one of the few Linguistics departments in the country with the ability to provide serious training and research opportunities for students interested in  the major areas of phonetics.  

Jelena on becoming a member of the Michigan Linguistics Department: “I am delighted to be in such an intellectually and culturally diverse department, where faculty from different subfields collaborate extensively, and where I can see myself conducting research with a large number of faculty and students, and all of this in what seem to be fantastic working conditions.”