Steve Dworkin has been an active collaborator for the last year in the preparation of a new etymological dictionary of the Romance languages (to be known as the Dictionnaire Etymologique Roman).  This is a French-German collaboration funded by European research agencies, and is headquartered in Nancy (France) and Saarbrücken (Germany).  Steve has visited the project four times in the last year and, thanks to a European grant, will be in residence in Nancy from October 8-December 9 while on sabbatical.  Steve is writing a number of entries as well as revising entries written by other members of the international team.

Steve also recently published A History of the Spanish Lexicon: A Linguistic Perspective, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

 Abstract: This book reexamines from the perspective of advances in the study of language contact and lexical change the various historical layers that make up the Spanish lexicon.  It seeks to view lexical borrowing in Spanish as both a linguistic and cultural  phenomenon.