The end of another academic year brings with it an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating seniors, even if we are also sad to say goodbye to the students who have been such an integral part of the Department's life over the past several years. At our Graduation Celebration event on Friday, May 3rd, we were joined by graduating seniors and their families to commemorate this joyful event and to say fond farewells. At this event, the Matt Alexander Award for the most outstanding honors thesis in Linguistics was also awarded to Rachel Bayer for her thesis on null subjects in Creole languages. Congratulations to Rachel for first rate research!

We collected information on what our alums are off to do after Michigan, and we were not surprized to learn about the many different and exciting things that they will do in the years to come. The list below contains information from members of our current graduating class, as well as updates about alums from a year or two ago. The list is far from complete, containing information only for the alums about which we received updates. Many of our other alums are doing equally interesting things, and we would love to hear from all of them. So, if your information is not on this list, do let us know what you are up to at this link.

  • Patrick Kelly (BA 2013) will start in the Linguistics PhD program at MSU in the Fall. Patrick worked with Jon Brennan in the Neurolinguistcs Lab here at Michigan, and he will continue with similar work at MSU, where he will be affiliated with the newly renovated EEG lab. He will focus on several projects, including his own recent honors thesis about the semantic processing of Escher Sentences.
  • Dana van Oostenburg (BA 2013) was in the enviable position of being offered admission to several graduate programs in speech and hearing sciences. After careful consideration of her options, she decided to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she will do an MA degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Dana reports as follows on her experience in our Department: "This department is the perfect size. It's small enough that all of my professors knew my name, and I called them by their first names. Yet it's big enough to have a rich stockpile of resources and connections standing by at all times. The faculty are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and my experience here has made me a much better student and intellectual."
  • Reed Blaylock (BA 2011) took a break from academia for a few years, working in different language related jobs over the past two years. Reed will start in the PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Southern California in the Fall, focussing on phonetics.
  • Kelsey Nolan (BA 2013) was admitted to the MA program in Communication Sciences & Disorders at Northwestern University, but decided to defer for one year. Kelsey will attend Western Michigan Univerity's post-bac program in speech pathology in 2013-14.
  • Elyssa Kade (BA 2013) will start in the MS program in Speech-Language Pathology at Hunter College.
  • Shanae Clark (BA 2013) will study towards an Aud.D. degree at Western Michigan University's  Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology.
  • Rachel Bayer (BA 2013), who also received the Matt Alexander Award for the most outstanding honors thesis in Linguistics, was awarded a competitive Fulbright Fellowship, and will spend the next year teaching English in secondary schools in Graz, Austria.
  • Jordan Sabolish (BA 2012) will do a Maters in Public Policy at the University of Denver.
  • Jackie Cohen (BA 2011) will return to academia, and UM, after a few years of working in the language and information industries. In the fall, Jackie will start the MS degree in Information Science, specializing in Information Analysis and Retrieval, at UM's School of Information.
  • Rosalie Edmonds (BA 2009) will start in the PhD program in Linguistic Anthropology at UCLA. After graduating from UM in 2009, Rosalie spent two years in Cameroon as part the Peace Corps.

We wish all of our alums best of luck on their future endeavors. And please stay in touch and come visit us as often as possible!