As all the readers of this news blog hopefully know by now, our Department will host the 2013 Linguistic Institute of the Linguistic Society of America this summer. The Institute will bring together hundreds of linguists from across the US and the world for four weeks classes, workshops, lectures, socializing, networking and general linguistic fun. 

As is traditional with Linguistic Institutes, we have awarded over 70 fellowships to support undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the Institute. In addition to these general Institute fellowships, the Linguistic Society of America also awards a few  named fellowships for each Institute, including the most prestigious Bloch Fellowship. This fellowship, which was established in 1970, is awarded for each Institute to the "most promising applicant." The Bloch Fellow serves as a full voting member of the LSA Executive Committee, and leads the LSA Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (COSIAC). 

This year, the Bloch Fellowship was awarded to Troy Messick, one of our very own undergrad alums. Troy received his BA from the University of Michigan with a double major in Linguistics and Psychology in 2011, and is currently in the second year of the doctoral program in Linguistics at University of Connecticut.  Troy reports as follows on his plans for the Institute: "I hope to use this fellowship and the summer school to learn about different views and approaches to the study of language. Linguistics is a very interdisciplinary field. I hope that through learning about these other approaches that I am able to better communicate with language researchers from different fields, and that I can perhaps help other young researchers in linguistics do the same."

We are proud to count such first rate students under our alums, and we look forward to the contributions that Troy will make to the field of Linguistics, both through his research and through his participation in the governance of the LSA.