John Swales, emeritus professor of Linguistics, is a world renowned applied linguist—see our recent story about John's contributions to this field throughout his career. John is also continuing his productive research career, even though he is officially in retirement!

John gave two presentations at British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP) at Nottingham University, UK in late April. One was entitled “Revising an EAP textbook: A multi-vocal enterprise”. The other was co-presented with Professor Carla Vergaro of the University of Perugia, who was a visiting scholar at the English Language Institute last year and also audited some linguistics classes. The title was “'Notice the similarities between the two sets': Imperative usage in the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers”. This complex project also involved Justine Niederhiser, doctoral student in the joint Program in English and Education and two linguistics seniors, Patrick Kelley and Kohlee Kennedy.

John is also on the road again in early May. On May 4, he presented a plenary address at a conference at Taiwan National University, organized by the Language Teaching and Testing Center. The title of his presentation was "Features of American Academic Speech and Their Implications for EAP". On May 5, he gave two talks at Asia University in Taichung. The first talk is on the history of EAP and the second a workshop on applications of genre analysis (where over 250 attendees were expected!).